Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Top 10 summer fishing lessons learned

I've been fortunate enough to have fished in several corners of Wisconsin this summer. While bouncing around from one end of the state to the other, from Walworth County to Iron and Ashland counties and several points even beyond state lines, I picked up a few pointers on fishing. Here's my top ten list.

1.) When fly fishing, concentrate on wrist action; never overwork the rod with crazy arm movement. It’s not a whip!
2.) It's easier to learn how to use a bait caster with heavy lures. While muskie fishing you get plenty of practice and the heavy lures really help train your fingers to feel the line.
3.) Don’t lose your out-of-state fishing license. You might have to pay for one again. Wisconsin offers a duplicate option. Other states don’t do that – like in Michigan.
4.) Mosquito spray does not work on deer flies.
5.) I had more success fishing from docks and shore this summer than I have from boats. Never ignore an opportunity to fish even if you don’t have a boat.
6.) Losing a muskie lure is a lot more painful than losing other lures. Ouch! The expense hurts.
7.) Don’t be afraid to talk to the locals to get fishing intel. Some anglers are actually nice and will share a bit of helpful information.
8.) Northern pike can not see very well at night. (I can’t believe I am admitting my ignorance about this one).
9.) Never buy the cheap green lights for nighttime crappie fishing. They won’t last. Read the reviews before making a purchase. Yes, the cheap one I bought stopped working on the first trip.
10.)  What’s the difference between a great angler and an average fisherman? The great angler is always ready to set the hook mentally and physically. I missed a few this season due to the lack of focus.


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