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Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Central Illinois Fishing Report – August 22nd, 2014

Springfield: Largemouth bass fair using plastics, spinners and crankbaits with a few on topwater. Channel cats fair to good using most baits. White bass spotty using bladebaits and jig/twister.

Vermilion: Crappies good. Look for fish in deep water near 10 to 12 feet with minnows. Channel cats fair. Some fish are being taken near weedbeds with nightcrawlers.

Coffeen: Largemouth bass good using artificial lures, nightcrawlers and minnows.   Bluegills good using nightcrawlers  and minnows. Channel cats good using Sonnys Stink Bait, shrimp and nightcrawlers.

Sangchris: Largemouth bass fair using plastics, jig/plastics, spinners/swimming minnows and crankbaits along deep breaks, outer weedlines or near timber with some on topwater early.  Bluegills fair, but mostly small using waxies and crickets along weededges in the west arm.   Channel cats good using cut baits, nightcrawlers and dip bait.

Silver: Bass good using spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Channel cats excellent using nightcrawlers.   Bluegills fair using crickets and red wigglers.   Saugers fair using jigs.

Bloomington: Largemouth bass fair. Anglers using plastics, spinners, and crankbaits along the weed edges; also some being taken on topwater later in the day.   Bluegills are fair. Look for them near weed edges, docks, and sea walls with waxies and crickets; mostly smaller sizes. Channel cats are being caught on cut baits, Hoss’s hawg Bait dip baits, and liver.   Hybrid striped bass are fari. Watch for surface feeding fish in the evenings while trolling. Crappies good. Cast jigs and/or minnows around deeper docks; a few trolling; many midsized fish.

Evergreen Lake: Bass good on swimbaits, crankbaits, and plastics along the weed edges and timbered points.   Bluegills good. Many small sized fish hitting on waxies and crickets. Channel cats fair on liver, cut baits, and dip baits.   Crappies fair on jig/minnows with some tight to cover and some suspended over deeper brush, and a few while trolling.   Saugeyes are still a little slow. White bass good. Watch for fish busting the surface near big coves in the mornings and evenings.

Newton Lake: Crappies showing some action on minnows and jigs. Catfish good on nightcrawlers and dough baits.

Lake Decatur: Bass biting on spinners near weeds. Bluegills good on worms and crickets. Catfish picking up on doughs, worms and stinkbaits.

Lake Shelbyville: White bass good. Anglers picking up some fish near the end of Madison Street with Mepps Spinner baits.

Banner Marsh: Catfish are biting on worms, dip bait and shrimp. Bluegills and crappies have been getting better on minnows.

Clinton Lake: Crappies good. Cooler weather conditions make finding fish a challenge; check out deeper submerged brush; also some drifting minnows. Walleyes fair. Best to fish early and later hours; summer fishing patterns. Channel cats good. Anglers are using shad, chicken livers and dip bait. Best during early morning or later evening hours.

Dawson Lake: Crappies good. Fish are coming up into shallower water levels and biting on minnows and crappie jigs. Largemouth bass good.  Look for fish in the center of the lake across from the beach with top water lures.   Channel cats good. Some fish are in the shallows along the edges and being caught with nightcrawlers or stinkbait.

Decatur Lake: Largemouth bass good. Anglers are finding some fish while trolling topwater lures. Channel cats fair. Leeches are attracting attention near the bridge.

Emiquon Preserve: Bass being caught on buzzbaits, crankbaits and spinners. Catfish good on stinkbaits.

Mazonia Lakes: Bass hitting topwaters and spinners. Bluegills slowing but still being caught on worms. Catfish are small but biting on liver.

Mattoon: Crappies poor. Look for fish in deep water levels near submerged brush with a minnow.   Channel cats slow. Fishing success has slowed; maybe due to cooler weather temperatures.

Mill Creek Lake: Crappies fair. Anglers finding fish in 8 feet of water, 5 to 6 feet down on the south end of the lake with minnows.   Bluegills spotty.  Search near the docks and weed lines with wax worms, crickets, or red wigglers. Bass fair.  Chase the schools of fish with top water lures or lipless lures cast just under the schools. Channel cats good. Three to 4-pound average-sized fish are being taken from the weeds or openings in the weeds with cheese bait, cut shad and dead or live chubs.

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