Illinois Cuffs & Collars – July 11th, 2014

Region I

A District 1 CPO was on routine patrol from a jon boat and checked four young Colona men fishing from the shoreline. Three of them failed of have a valid sport fishing license. While the CPO was issuing citations for the violation, two of them continued to make negative comments about the enforcement actions taken and remarks about being a tax payer or the officer “increasing her salary” by writing tickets. The CPO told them instead of posting cash bond or taking them to jail, she would release them on their signature with an optional Notice to Appear. One man said, “Oh really, what are you going to do? Take us all in your little boat?” Another man first refused to sign the citation, so the CPO left it on the picnic table while she finished the paperwork with the rest of the offenders. She asked the offender if he wanted to sign it and he put his hand out as to ask for an ink pen. The CPO handed him the ink pen, he signed it, and then tossed the ink pen to the table. After the paperwork was all distributed, one of them made a comment about how it would be a shame if the officer returned to her truck and trailer with all the tires flattened. The CPO was not overly concerned since she had their information written in citation form. And when the CPO returned to her squad there was no damage to the truck or trailer.
A District 6 officer handled a boat accident on the Illinois River. A flat bottom jon boat with four individuals in it sunk in rough water. The four individuals, including a 21⁄2-year-old boy, had their PFDs (life jackets) on as the boat sank under them. A passing boat picked them up and took them back to the Starved Rock boat ramp. After the officer dealt with the accident, he talked to the boat owner about recovery of the boat. The officer was able to locate the boat using side scan sonar; it was 16 feet under the water in the barge channel. A local company recovered the boat a few days later.
District 1 CPOs searched Pool 15 of the Mississippi River near Lock and Dam 14 for a missing Colona boater involved in a boat accident. The CPOs utilized side scan sonar equipment and were among many other searchers including Iowa DNR and many other local fire departments.
A CPO was advised that a boat was taking on water on Mississippi River Pool 14. A CPO responded immediately with a boat to aid in the rescue. Preliminary information was that the boat and several occupants went through the roller gates at Dam 14 in Hampton. The CPO along with Iowa DNR, multiple fire and rescue crews from Illinois and Iowa and a search helicopter participated in the rescue. Four of the five occupants were rescued and taken to the hospital. One person was held overnight and the rest were released. One man is still missing. The recovery effort has been scaled back to daily surface searches. Due to the rough water just below the dam, crews were unable to effectively drag or use side scan sonar to recover the missing man.
A District 7 CPO observed an illegally parked vehicle at Pheasants Forever Fields in Knox County. After locating four fishermen along the northwest pond shoreline, three were found not to have valid fishing licenses. Each was issued a citation for fishing without a valid fishing license. The driver of the vehicle was issued a written warning for unlawful parking in a prohibited area.
A 34-year-old Rockford woman was fishing Yellow Creek in Freeport when she was checked for a fishing license. At first the woman stated she was fishing for her children. When asked, there were no kids around. Then the woman insisted the CPO get in touch with Wal-Mart because “it is their fault” she does not have a license. A citation was issued for no fishing license.
A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint from a turkey hunter of hikers in a closed area. Two Freeport men were issued tickets for entering a closed area. The area is closed to non-hunters until 1 p.m. during the spring turkey season. The hikers were looking for morel mushrooms. They were aware of the closure.

Region II

A Lake County CPO received a complaint of subjects that had shot geese at a party on Easter Sunday. After speaking with the witness, the CPO went to the residence of the incident. There were still two dead geese floating in the pond, three days after the incident. The geese were seized. Later that evening, the CPO returned to find the resident home. After an interview, the subject gave the names of the subjects who shot the geese at his party with an air rifle and air pistol. The CPO went to the violator’s place of business and interviewed him and his son. The juvenile son admitted to shooting the geese with his father. They thought it would be fun and admitted to firing over 20 shots. The father was issued citations for unlawful take of geese out of season, shooting an air gun over water, and wanton waste. Several written warnings were also issued.
A CPO and CPOT followed up on an open field report, with a subject wanted on a failure to appear warrant. While preparing to call the subject in the apartment building, he came walking towards the CPO and CPOT. His identity was verified and he was taken into custody. His bail was $75,000. He was unable to post and was transported to the Lake County Jail.
CA CPO and CPOT found a subject in possession of a 19-inch walleye on Nippersink Lake. There is a protected slot size of 18 to 24 inches. The subject was issued a citation.

Region III

A District 19 officer was patrolling along the Sangamon River in Macon County when, from a distance, he saw a man and woman both snagging. When he made contact with the couple, neither had a fishing license and both admitted to “jigging” but not snagging, even though both had only a treble hook on the end of their lines. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A District 19 officer and a District 11 officer assisted the Nuclear Power Plant Security at Clinton Lake with exercises dealing with threats to overall plant security. The officers assisted in operating a boat for role players and the officers conducted the exercises in complete darkness and for long, extended hours.
A District 19 officer and his CPOT issued a local subject a citation for the unlawful take of sport fish (bluegill) by use of a cast net along Clinton Lake.
A District 19 officer and CPOT issued two out of town subjects fishing without permission at Clinton Lake as they were located within the hot water discharge area near the nuclear plant.
A District 19 officer and CPOT issued a McLean County subject for speeding, going 49 mph in a 30 mph posted zone, inside Moraine View State Park.
A District 19 officer and CPOT worked a plain clothes detail on Clinton Lake targeting illegal fishing and illegal mushroom hunting. Two fishermen were spotted in an unusual area and the CPOT investigated further. After approaching them, the CPOT found one fishermen did not have a fishing license and the other was using illegal methods to fish by using a net in a 2-pole and line area. The CPOT interviewed them and found they had cannabis in their vehicle. The cannabis was seized and enforcement was taken.
While patrolling Clinton Lake, a District 19 officer and CPOT responded to a roll-over accident just north of the park. They were the first law enforcement on scene and as they approached the wrecked vehicle they heard yelling about 1⁄8 of a mile south of the vehicle. As they approached they noticed that the female driver was covered in blood and was attempting to leave the scene. When she noticed the officers approaching she asked one of the volunteer firemen to make the officers leave. Further assistance was given to the DeWitt County Sheriffs Department who handled the accident.

Region IV

A Jersey County CPO stopped a vehicle at Pere Marquette State Park for failure to signal and improper lane usage. The driver had a suspended drivers license, was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis. He was arrested and transported to the Jersey County Sheriffs Department.
The Monroe County CPO arrested a turkey hunter for unlawfully turkey hunting with the aid of bait. The subject was baiting turkeys using cracked corn placed within approximately 15 yards of his hunting blind.
A District 13 CPO worked with the site techs of Randolph County Conservation Area to remove four deer stands from the park. The deer stands are required to be removed from the DNR property by Feb. 14. Most of the stands did not have the owner’s name and address and a few had screw-in accessories.
A District 13 CPO worked with the site techs of Randolph County Conservation Area to remove five deer stands from the Turkey Bluffs Fish and Wildlife. The deer stands are required to be removed from the DNR property by Feb. 14. Most of the stands did not have the owner’s name and address and a few had screw-in accessories.
A District 13 officer was patrolling Randolph County Lake. The officer made contact with a female who was in the park after the 10 p.m. and the vehicle registration was expired. The female subject was issued a written warning for her registration and instructed to leave the park. As the officer drove away, he observed two trucks heading to the park’s entrance. The officer stopped both vehicles. A teenage girl was driving the first truck and a teenage boy was driving the second truck. They stated that they were in Rolling Hills Campground and had a campfire. The officer did not notice any coolers or firewood but he did observe a fire pit in the bed of the boy’s truck. The boy and girl were both vague about the location of their campfire. The officer told them that he would go back to Rolling Hills Campground and inspect the campgrounds for any trash. At Rolling Hills Campground, the officer observed two vehicles parked in the walk-in camping only and multiple types of alcohol on the picnic table. Two males and two females were sitting around a ground fire that was on the rocks. The officer issued warnings for the vehicles off of the roadway. These campers stated they had arrived about dark and a truck was parked back into the woods and a campfire was visible. The officer drove to the horse trail gate and followed truck tracks to a pile of hot campfire logs. The officer observed several truck tracks making circles in the clover field. A water bottle and the top half of a pizza box with the date and time were next to the logs. The officer will be making contact with the teenagers who he had stopped at the park’s entrance.
While training with a new piece of sonar equipment, a District 13 officer discovered what appears to be two vehicles in a state park lake.
A District 13 officer was contacted by a State Police Investigator in reference to an alligator that was found in East St. Louis. The alligator was inside a residence where a search warrant had been served. The alligator was seized and turned over to the DNR herpetologist. The adults living at the residence were cited.

Region V

An Effingham County CPO investigated a TIPS complaint of subjects frog gigging out of season.
An Effingham County CPO received a complaint of a subject possessing a wild deer. The subject was located and stated he has possessed the deer for one year. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO worked a commercial fishing detail on the Wabash River in Wabash County. A roe fisherman was cited for unlawfully using gill nets to take sturgeon and failure to have roe harvest permit in possession.
A CPO took a complaint from a business (that owns many acres) in Williamson County of persons fishing and hunting without permission. The owners had never called or complained in the last decade, but they have now decided they want violators prosecuted.
A CPO conducted water patrol for fishing and boat violations on Little Grassy Lake. Violations were handled with appropriate action.
A District 16 sergeant is investigating a TIP of three individuals who were allegedly using dynamite to fish with on the river. The complaint is pending investigation and the area is under surveillance.

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