Fathers Day 2014 Gift Guide

Every year you do it, don’t you? You wait until the last minute, then panic, driving to the nearest sporting goods store, and try to find the old man a Father’s Day gift suitable for the guy who got you started in hunting and fishing. More often than not the default option of the gift certificate is settled on and there’s no shame in that. But why not simply pick out an item or two we’ve chosen for you? That will show pops that you took the time to really shop – and he’ll never know you had the “cheat sheet” found on this page.


Save dad’s day at the grill with a Thermapen, an instant-read thermometer than can help make the difference between a juicy steak and a shoe-leather one. Just three seconds is all the time you need to get a reading that is accurate within plus or minus .7 degrees Fahrenheit. There are no cables to worry about and readings can be taken with just one hand. Commercial grade. Available in a variety of colors.


Give dad a break and get him a knife that look as sharp as its edge – the Marttiini Classic Collector fillet knife. Its classic Finnish style features a hand-ground stainless steel blade with a razor-sharp edge. The rare, curly birch wood handle is only found in Finland and is both strong and decorative.

Shimano Reels

Whether Dad is fishing bass or bonefish, the new Stradic CI4+ will handle it all. It has ultra-light frame and side plates constructed with a reinforced carbon fiber and a super light Magnumlite rotor and spool. This reel will take abuse yet it’s light and tough. A new Aero Wrap II oscillation system provides uniform line lay for fewer tangles and longer casts. It’s available in five models, and six anti-rust ball bearings keep the reel silky smooth for life.

Uncle Josh

Why not save dad some time baiting the hook by scoring him a few packs of the new Pork Crawler by Uncle Josh? It looks and smells just like real nightcrawlers but has none of the hassle. You don’t have to worry about them baking (and dying) in the sun, and one Pork Crawler can last for dozens of fish. Fish more, and re-bait less. What Dad wouldn’t want that?

Tony's Sharpeners

Made from Aircraft Aluminum and High Grade Carbide, the sharpener is built to last, but is also light and compact. It weighs 17 grams and has dimensions of one-inch by three-inches by 1⁄8-inch, which is perfect for storing in your tackle box. Whether it’s a knife or broadhead, outdoor enthusiasts will love the compact convenience. 

Hawke Sport Optics

Delivering out-of-the-box 200-yard accuracy, the Hawke Sport HD IR Rimfire scope marries the most popular rifle in the world with innovative yet simple reticle design. When sighted in at 50 yards, the Sport HD IR Rimfire provides 25-yard aim points from 50 to 200 yards, giving the user down-range accuracy never expected from a .22 rifle. As a bonus, there is no need to memorize aim points, as the yardages are etched directly onto the glass of the reticle. Designed to be accurate at 9X magnification for ammunition shooting at or near 1300 feet per second, the 3-9×40 chassis design is easy to use and reliable.

Total Deer Hunter Manual

The Total Deer Hunter Manual is a combination effort of renowned Field & Stream writers Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau that’s designed to help teach deer hunters to be more successful. It has over 300 tips and tricks that are perfect for green horns starting out or veteran hunters looking to take it to the next level. Detailed art and graphics and step-by-step instructions make the “Manual” very use friendly for anyone.

Bait Rigs

The Slo-Poke PowerBait Bass Kit is a perfect compact kit for dad’s next fishing trip. It comes with 10 Slo-Poke LS jigs in five colors and three sizes ensuring the ultimate in versatility. Also included are 24 Berkley PowerBait, four-inch minnows in four different colors. The jig head features a Mustad Ultra-Point head in 4/0 Long Shank black nickel. Works well for weed-walleyes too.

Outdoor News Subscription

Give the gift that will not only make dad a better hunter or angler, but also a more informed one, too. Each issue of Outdoor News is packed with real news and information that serious hunters and anglers need. From the detailed fishing maps found in every issue, to the up-to-date hunting and fishing report compiled right before the paper goes to press, dad’s going to know what’s up.


Available in several capacities from as small as about a 12-pack to as large as something that would handle nearly any quartered big-game animal, Yeti coolers keep your items cold for several days – not just several hours, like lesser-made coolers. Whether it’s tailgating or spending several days in the bush, dad deserves a cold drink, doesn’t he?


The BookKASE offers the ultimate concealment for a variety of handguns and has a custom protective inlay made from MR3, a hydrophobic material that will not absorb or draw away your firearm’s protective oils. Two sizes are available for various handguns and both can be custom trimmed for aftermarket sites, lasers, etc.

Nite Ize

The Inova STS Headlamp makes brilliant hands-free illumination simple, versatile and comfortable. It features an innovative Swipe-To-Shine interface that allows for simple access to multiple modes – all with a swipe of your finger. Its lightweight body, high- quality woven strap and waterproof construction make the Inova STS Headlamp an indispensable lighting tool anywhere high-quality hands-free illumination is needed.

Costa Del Mar

Dad doesn’t have to look like a dork anymore when wearing polarized sunglasses! The new Hamlin series from Costa Del Mar are as cool as they are protective from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A stainless steel integral hinge is durable and complements the TR 90 Nylon frame. The 580 lenses provide 100 percent UV blockage and polarization. Glare and eye strain are a thing of the past.

Trigger X

The Slop Hopper has a slender profile and hard-pounding tail, and measures in at 5.5 inches, making is great bait for bass that might want something “a little different.” It works great either Texas-rigged or with a weighted swim bait hook, and effortlessly hops through the heaviest of slop or can be fished just before the surface in open water. The twisting, rolling, hopping action is likely one that dad has never seen… and neither have the bass.

Wildgame Inovations

The new Halo X-Ray 600 Laser Rangefinder boasts maximum features at a minimum price and has a 6X magnification and a maximum of 600 yards to reflective target. A convenient scan-mode is used for constant ranging, which allows ranging multiple targets with one touch of a button. A non-slip, rugged housing provides sure grip in all weather conditions and the rubberized switches are large enough to locate when wearing gloves.


Make dad’s next kill an easier deal with the Viking KwikHoist, a simple yet rugged hoist for deer and other large game that is used to elevate the kill for cleaning and hanging. The KwikHoist easily attaches to most any tree or pole in just seconds by wrapping the high strength chain around the structure and sliding it into a slot on the KwikHoist bracket. This tightly cinches the hoist in place, preparing it for a trophy buck of up to 300 pounds. The ratchet style winch enables you to easily lift your animal to the desired height for easier and better dressing.


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