Michigan Cuffs & Collars – May 9th, 2014


COs Dennis Gast and Matthew Eberly worked snowmobile patrols in Houghton and Keweenaw counties. The activity in this area was reported to be higher due to the better weather conditions. Several violations were encountered, with tickets being issued to multiple operators for failing to obtain trail permits.
COs Dave Miller and Trey Luce worked a complaint area for careless snowmobile operation in Ontonagon County. Snowmobile operators were continuously running stop signs near town at high rates of speed. Several violations were observed, and tickets were issued to multiple operators for the violations.
CO Doug Hermanson worked the southern portion of Ontonagon County for snowmobiling activity. CO Hermanson found many violations related to the obtaining and displaying of trail permits. Enforcement action was taken for all of the violations encountered.
CO Brian Bacon followed up on the investigation of a fatal snowmobile accident in Dickinson County. It appears the operator lost control of the snowmobile as he tried to drive over a snowbank to gain access to a roadway. The operator was ejected from the snowmobile and died from injuries sustained during the crash.


COs Jeff Panich and Mike Evink conducted a group patrol in northern Alger County where repeated complaints about snowmobilers failing to stop or slow down at stop signs with several near collisions were reported. During a five-hour patrol, the COs made more than 150 contacts, issued several tickets for failing to stop at stop signs, and gave more than 35 verbal warnings. At the end of the patrol, one citizen told the officers that the townspeople were now talking about paying attention to all stop signs on the snowmobile trails.
CO Mike Hammill received a complaint about trash being dumped in the woods. CO Hammill recovered evidence that led to a subject in Marquette. With the help of CO Mark Leadman, of Marquette County, CO Hammill was able to find who was responsible for the littering and issued a ticket.
While checking anglers on Munuscong Bay, CO Kyle Publiski checked two subjects who thought the CO was another angler knocking on their shack. Upon opening the door to check fishing licenses CO Publiski watched one angler set his ice-fishing pole down and use his foot to slide the pole over in front of his buddy. After checking fish, CO Publiski asked the two anglers for their fishing licenses, and of course the angler that set his fishing pole down denied fishing. After CO Publiski explained to the angler that he had watched him set the pole down and use his left foot to slide the pole in front of his buddy, the angler then agreed that he was fishing. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Jerrold Fitzgibbon contacted an angler fishing in the northern part of Little Bay de Noc. The man had failed to register his snowmobile, had left his helmet at home, and hadn’t purchased a fishing license since 2010. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Robert Crisp and Jerrold Fitzgibbon conducted a patrol of Little Bay de Noc waters that resulted in several tickets for unregistered snowmobiles, no ORV license, fishing with too many lines, overlimits of walleyes, and ice shack violations.
CO Robert Crisp was following a truck that had defective brake lights and failed to signal its turn. CO Crisp conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver. The driver had no license, and the truck he was operating was uninsured and unregistered. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Carl VanderWall observed a snowmobiler on the trail system blow through an intersection/road crossing at high speed with no hesitation. It took CO VanderWall several miles down the trail to catch up with the speeding snowmobiler. When contacted, the operator stated he was racing his mother, who was driving a vehicle on the adjacent highway, which paralleled the snowmobile trail. A ticket for careless operation was issued.
CO Michael Evink was the first to respond to a rollover in Schoolcraft County. Once on scene, CO Evink was able to locate the driver and assist the Michigan State Police with the investigation. The driver was lodged for driving with a suspended license.
CO Bill Webster was patrolling Hubbard Lake and contacted an angler in a shanty that had three tip-ups outside of it. When the angler was contacted, he was trying to cover a fishing pole with a chair inside the shanty. The angler explained he was bored and thought he would try jigging. He was issued a ticket for fishing with more than three lines.
CO Steve Speigl responded to a 911 call about a personal injury accident involving a snowmobile on an Antrim County trail. The operator had accelerated after entering a straight stretch of the trail then lost control, subsequently rolling the snowmobile several times. The operator suffered a leg injury and was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. Speed was the only apparent factor in the crash, which remains under investigation.


CO Brian Brosky received a Report-All-Poaching complaint that a subject had shot a deer from a residence. CO Brosky responded to the location and observed two dead deer lying in the driveway. CO Brosky contacted the suspect, who later admitted to shooting both deer with a rifle. The CO also detected the odor of burnt marijuana during the interview, and the individual admitted to possession of marijuana. The rifle and controlled substance, along with the deer, were seized, and enforcement action was taken.
Sgt. Michael Bomay and CO Angela Greenway responded to a snowmobile personal injury accident on the trail system. The snowmobile operator failed to negotiate a curve on the trail and struck a tree with her knee, causing her injury and extensive damage to the snowmobile. The COs closed down the trail ahead of the curve and re-routed snowmobiles around the accident scene while Emergency Medical Services prepared the victim to be transported off the trail. The officers then assisted with the moving the damaged snowmobile to the nearest roadway to waiting wrecker service personnel. The husband of the victim was very thankful to the COs for their quick response to the scene.
Sgt. Michael Bomay and CO Jeff Ginn were on patrol of the Muskegon River and observed a subject fishing from a vessel near the Croton Dam. As the patrol vessel became apparent to the subject, he immediately set his fishing pole down and looked away from the COs’ boat as it approached. The subject acted surprised to see the COs out on the high water and instantly informed them, “You got me.” No fish were taken, but the subject was issued a ticket for fishing without a license. A check of the retail sales system confirmed the subject also did not purchase a fishing license last year.


COs Mike Hearn and Matt Liestenfeltz were patrolling the trails on snowmobile when they observed the lead snowmobiler of a large group was operating without a working headlight. Upon stopping the operator, it also  was discovered that several snowmobilers in the caravan were missing valid registration and trail permits. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brian Olsen received information about possible illegal burning. CO Olsen located the source of the complaint near a business that was conducting spring cleaning. The business people were burning logs. However, CO Olsen located several tires placed in the fire. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brian Olsen observed a snowmobile operator, not wearing a helmet, leaving a local lake. As the operator was leaving the ice, he lost control of his snowmobile while going over a snow drift. The operator was thrown from the snowmobile near CO Olsen. CO Olsen checked the operator for injuries and took the opportunity to educate the operator on the importance of wearing the required safety equipment. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Nick Atkin assisted the U.S. Coast Guard with multiple search-and-rescue missions in which anglers had gone through the ice on Saginaw Bay. All anglers in distress were located and rescued without injuries.
CO Scott Brown located an ice shanty on the Pigeon River outside of Caseville that had not been removed prior to the deadline. CO Brown tracked down the owner and ticketed him for failing to remove the shanty in time.
While checking local fishing spots in Sanilac County, CO Seth Rhodea walked out to an ice shanty and attempted to contact the angler. Upon reaching the shanty the CO was unable to locate anyone inside but there were three lines in the water inside the shanty and three tip-ups set up around the shanty. After a short time, the CO was able to contact two anglers returning to the fishing gear who had left all their lines in the water while they went for lunch. Tickets were issued for unattended lines.
CO Dan Lee and Sgt. Ron Kimmerly were patrolling Belle Isle when they observed a vehicle operator who appeared to be avoiding them. They located the vehicle a short time later as it pulled into a parking lot. The driver was suspended, with warrants out of Detroit.
CO Larn R. Strawn patrolled Belle Isle State Park. While conducting a traffic stop of a motorist, the CO discovered the driver was operating without a license, had expired license plates, and no insurance. It also was determined the driver had outstanding arrest warrants from multiple jurisdictions. The driver was arrested. After the subject was arrested, he thanked the COs for the work they are doing on the island.


CO Michael Mshar responded to a complaint about people operating snowmobiles recklessly through the Monterey Township community building parking lot in Allegan County. As CO Mshar conducted surveillance along the trail near the community center, he witnessed a subject jump an adjacent snow pile and go airborne over part of the driveway to the community center. Contact was made, and enforcement action was taken for the careless operation.
COs Greg Patten and BJ Goulette investigated a complaint about subjects retaining bass caught while ice fishing on Little Black Lake in Muskegon County. Making contact with the anglers, the COs were unable to locate any bass taken, but ticketed one person for fishing with too many lines.
CO Steve Orange was on patrol in Kent County when he came upon a vehicle stopped at an intersection with brake lights on but the driver slumped in his seat. When CO Orange woke the driver, he appeared disoriented and allowed the vehicle to slowly roll forward. After CO Orange had the driver bring the vehicle to a stop, he requested assistance at the scene. CO Orange and an MSP trooper took the driver into custody. The subject later tested .14 BAC when lodged at the county jail.
CO Steve Mooney and Sgt. Zach Doss were checking Van Buren County lakes for ice-fishing activity when they observed a subject walk away from his fishing equipment upon sight of the COs’ vehicle. Contact was made with the subject, who was fishing without a license. It was discovered that the subject had four felony warrants relating to the manufacture of methamphetamines and a misdemeanor warrant for retail fraud. The subject was taken into custody without incident, in addition to being ticketed for fishing without a license.
While patrolling Allegan County, CO Michael Mshar located a subject burning a mattress along with many other household objects. When contact was made, the subject indicated he had obtained a burning permit. Enforcement action was taken after an explanation was given that burning permits are only for yard waste.
CO Jeff Robinette received a RAP complaint about a large amount of litter being dumped on commercial forest property. CO Robinette was able to obtain a name from items in the garbage. An investigation led to the owner of the garbage being ticketed for littering and the subject cleaning up the mess.


While en route to the wildlife lab, CO Rich Nickols was exiting the freeway when he observed a large cloud of dust ahead and then saw a vehicle bounce off a guardrail. The vehicle continued on and CO Nickols followed it a short distance before conducting a traffic stop. The driver said he was looking down at his cell phone and lost control of the vehicle. The driver also was driving in violation of his restricted license. A ticket was issued for careless driving.
CO Shane Webster and Sgt. Anthony Soave backed up an MSP trooper on a traffic stop during a shift on Belle Isle. The driver of the vehicle was driving on a suspended license, open intoxicants were found within the vehicle, and the insurance for the vehicle had expired. The driver was arrested, and the vehicle was impounded.
CO Shane Webster made a traffic stop of a vehicle operator for failing to stop at a stop sign while the CO worked on Belle Isle. One of the passengers had five outstanding warrants for his arrest. CO Webster arrested the subject and transported him to jail.
While working Belle Isle, COs Todd Thorn and Jeremy Payne were scanning a Detroit police frequency and heard a complaint in which a fast food restaurant was about to be robbed. The complaint indicated there were three people located in the parking lot with face masks on. The COs immediately responded to the area and witnessed the subjects walking across the road. The COs contacted the subjects, one of whom is a Detroit-area rapper, who explained to the COs that they were filming a video and how the video footage would contain a scene in which he is arrested by the police. A special emphasis would be placed on the handcuffing scene while being arrested. CO Payne ran a file on all three individuals and found the rapper had a warrant for his arrest. Enforcement action was taken.
While working Belle Isle, COs Todd Thorn and Jeremy Payne stopped a vehicle operator on the MacArthur Bridge for failing to stop at a stop sign. While approaching the vehicle, the COs could see a large cloud of smoke coming from inside the vehicle. The COs could immediately smell the aroma of burnt marijuana, and a search of the vehicle revealed marijuana and open intoxicants. One of the passengers had a warrant for her arrest. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Jeff Goss assisted several law enforcement agencies. CO Goss backed up Branch County Sheriff’s Department deputies on a domestic situation, the MSP on a resist and obstruct situation where two subjects attempted to run from a trooper, and a tribal officer on a domestic call.
CO Kyle Bader patrolled Belle Isle, and while on the island, the CO made a traffic stop for excessive speed. The driver and passenger were both suspended. The driver had two misdemeanor warrants, and the passenger had three. The vehicle was not registered or insured, and the tabs did not match the plate. Two tickets were issued, and bond was collected on one warrant. The subjects were advised of their other warrants, and the vehicle was released to a valid driver.
COs Kyle Bader and Jeff Goss checked anglers on a small cove in Union Lake. More than 40 anglers were observed, and more than 20 of them checked. Many had limits of panfish. Within 15 minutes of the COs being at the landing, a woman arrived in her car see why her husband hadn’t returned home. She said she had received a phone call alerting her that the COs were checking anglers, so she came to see if he was getting a ticket.


Sgt. Tom Wanless stopped a vehicle operator for traveling at a high rate of speed on Belle Isle. The operator had a suspended driver’s license and multiple warrants for his arrest. The passenger had an open container of intoxicants. Enforcement action was taken, and the operator was turned over to the Redford Township Police Department for three of his five warrants.
COs Kris Kiel and Phil Hudson were called to back up an MSP trooper on Belle Isle where the subjects had warrants and the odor of marijuana was present. When the COs arrived, a search of the vehicle was conducted. A bag with approximately one-half pound of marijuana was located in the trunk. The driver was arrested and transported by the COs to the Detroit Detention Center on felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.
While patrolling Belle Isle, COs Kris Kiel and Phil Hudson backed up an MSP trooper on a traffic stop. The driver was arrested for operating while impaired and carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated. One passenger was arrested on outstanding warrants.
While patrolling in Macomb County, COs Ken Kovach and Todd Szyska happened upon four juveniles fishing on the north side of the Spillway Dam. Upon the COs’ approach, one of the teens lifted a net that had been submerged in the river and pulled a whiskey bottle out of it. Another teen took the bottle and threw it into the spillway. Upon seeing this, the COs made contact and heard many excuses about the whiskey bottle. In lieu of issuing a ticket to the 15-year-old for littering, CO Szyska made him call his mother. CO Szyska then explained to the parent what the teen had been up to. The mother was upset and said she would handle the situation. This included the teen being picked up immediately.
While working on Belle Isle, CO Szyska was called by an MSP trooper to help with dogs at large. The trooper had been chasing a pit bull around the roadways to get it to go back to its master, as the dog had been running in and out of traffic. It also was discovered that the subject had two other dogs, all of which were unlicensed. The subject was issued a ticket for not having his dogs leashed in the park.
CO Al Schwiderson stopped two separate vehicles while working Belle Isle. In both cases, the operators were driving on suspended licenses and both also had open intoxicants in the vehicle. Enforcement action was taken.
Sgt. Kevin Hackworth was patrolling Belle Island when he observed a vehicle parked on the roadway near a “no parking” sign. The driver of the vehicle attempted to leave after noticing the patrol truck’s emergency lights. After a short distance, the driver pulled over and stopped. When asked, the driver said that he thought Sgt. Hackworth was signaling him to leave by turning on the emergency lights. After a short discussion, it was determined that the driver had a suspended driver’s license, and several containers of open intoxicants were discovered in the vehicle. The vehicle was towed, and tickets were issued for the driver’s license violation.
Sgt. Kevin Hackworth was patrolling on Belle Isle when he watched a person drive across the MacArthur Bridge, cross the centerline, and proceed the wrong way on a one-way road. After stopping the vehicle, it was discovered that the driver was intoxicated. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Pete Purdy and Chad Foerster assisted the MSP with a traffic stop on Belle Isle. The driver of the vehicle attempted to enter the island after hours. The driver had a suspended driver's license and five misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. The passenger had multiple warrants for her arrest out of three different courts. Marijuana and street-purchased prescription pills also were discovered in the vehicle. The MSP trooper lodged the driver. COs Purdy and Foerster turned the passenger over to the Sterling Heights Police Department for one of the outstanding warrants. The vehicle was impounded.
While patrolling Belle Isle, COs Pete Purdy and Seth Rhodea stopped a vehicle when they observed the driver disregard a stop sign. Both the driver and passenger had felony warrants out of the state of Georgia for auto theft and larceny, but the holding agency didn't want to extradite the subjects. Both driver and passenger also were in possession of open intoxicants. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Jason Smith and Lt. Sherry Chandler made a traffic stop of a vehicle with expired plates while patrolling Belle Isle. The driver of the vehicle was unlicensed. The COs also learned that the passenger in the vehicle had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brandon Kieft located two unattended tip-ups frozen to the ice on Walled Lake in Novi. The tip-ups were labeled with a name and address and one had a 20-inch pike still on the line. A follow-up interview was conducted with the owner, and he admitted to setting them weeks ago. Enforcement action was taken.

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