So many great lines… so little time to fish

Fishing lines for 2014 are more impressive, and technical, than when I was kid. The materials are straight out of a sci-fi movie and are thinner and more abrasion-resistant than ever before. The only hard part is picking one – there are many to choose from and most are for very specific situations.

Choose wisely, because some fluorocarbons and braids cost more than your average reel once did, but they last a lot longer, so a person doesn’t have to spool as often. It’s sort of a wash, especially if a person uses backing and only puts on 50 yards of fresh line at a time.

Spool up and cross an eye or two.


PowerPro Zero-Impact introduces “Termination Zone Technology” to braid which helps anglers have less break-offs and more piece of mind. Their engineers have created “termination zones” which are 50 percent stronger than the rest of the line.
Each zone is 32 inches and marked in black every 20 feet of the line. This black section is where anglers should tie on their lure, swivel, or leader because these sections are stronger and provide better knot strength.
Available in 20- to 100-pound test and in hi-vis yellow and aqua green.


Berkley Trilene 100 percent Fluorocarbon XL has a new formula that makes the line exceptionally limp and the perfect choice for spinning reels. It’s everything an angler wants in a line: It’s flexible, manageable, and nearly invisible in the water.
It’s the perfect choice for finesse fishing with drop shot or shaky-head techniques for bass fishermen or for rigging and jigging for walleye guys. Despite all the finesse attributes, it’s also very abrasion resistant.
Trilene Fluorocarbon XL is designed for medium-light to medium-action spinning tackle in tests ranging from 4 to 12 pounds.


Ultracast Ultimate-Mono from Spiderwire is a true super-monofilament fishing line that has less stretch than any other nylon monofilament on the market. The XXX formula line is extra strong, extra thin and extra sensitive and now offered in a Brown Recluse color which is great for muddy/stained water conditions.
It offers a great strength to diameter ratio making it up to 33-percent stronger than the average mono lines. Its unprecedented low stretch provides great sensitivity while still remaining manageable for large spinning and all casting reels.
Available in 4- to 20-pound test.

Bass Pro Shops

The new XPS KVD Signature Series 100 percent Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is ideal for freshwater spinning and baitcasting and virtually invisible underwater. It’s extremely abrasion resistant but is still very low diameter.
For user friendliness, the line is spooled with a level wind system that makes it easy to spool for anglers at home on both spinning and baitcasting reels because it is laid on side by side, so there is no twist or stress on the line, when spooling up. Available in 6- to 20-pound tests.


The new Smackdown Tournament braid offers one of the thinnest braids on the market with a 6-pound diameter with 20-pound strength. The braid is made with eight ultra-thin, micro weave strands which help keep it round for super smooth casting.
This also helps with giving the line great knot and tensile strength and an abrasion resistance that is among the best in the industry. Available in 10- to 65-pound test in green and yellow.


The new RipCord 8 braided fishing line uses a unique bi-axial construction that realigns fibers to provide a smooth exterior allowing for a slick ride through any fishing rod guide. You get less friction and greater knot strength, too.
For abrasion resistance it is processed with Advanced Coating Technology, which also aids in the line hanging onto its color longer.
Available in 10- to 80-pound tests in yellow and green. 


If you’re looking for a small diameter braid, then Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is your answer. It’s awesome for casting thanks to R8 Precision Braiding and Fiber Technology which keeps the line round and consistent cast after cast. It offers 32 weaves per inch and is made up of eight fibers, seven Dyneema plus one GORE performance fiber, that ensures abrasion resistance, long casts and less line vibration.
Available in 6- to 80-pound test in camo, ghost, hi-vis yellow, low-vis green, and neon green.


For anglers who like to fish deep around structure, Sunline introduces Structure FC, continuing the trend for technique-specific fluorocarbons. Whether you’re casting football heads or umbrella rigs, the high abrasion resistance and low-stretch benefits are right on the money for holding up to rocks, shells, and wood. The E2 raw material used for building Structure FC helps for hook sets, long casts, and sensitivity while still maintaining a great diameter-to-pound ratio.
Available in 14- to 25-pound test.


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