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Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – November 22nd, 2013


From the Game Commission
Butler County WCO Christopher J. Deal reports that there have beemany baited hunting sites ithe county. Citations have beefiled against several individuals for setting up and hunting ithese areas.
ClarioCounty WCO Jesse N. Bish reports that misdemeanor charges have beefiled against two ClarioCounty mefor unlawful possessioof wild turkeys that were takeiclosed season. The penalty is a fine up to $3,000 and imprisonment up to six months.
ClarioCounty WCO SteveJ. Ace reports a large bodied deer with the head cut off was found lying ia field off Sarah Furnace Road, near Rimersburg. The residents surrounding the area are afraid it was the trophy buck that had beeseeithe area. Anyone with informatioregarding this incident is asked to call the Northwest RegioOffice at 814-432-3187.
Crawford County WCO Jacob J. Olexsak reports that charges have beefiled oaindividual for using and possessing a controlled substance othe game lands iCrawford County. The individual was hunting geese and other wildlife at the time and he and his party committed multiple other violations of the Game Code, including orange violations, duck stamp violations and unplugged shotguns.
Erie County WCO DariL. Clark cited three individuals who were driving around spotlighting raccoons and shooting them from the road. Two of the individuals did not have furtaker licenses.
JeffersoCounty WCO Roger A. Hartless  responded to a report of a small bear caught ia staked-dowfoot-hold trap. After requesting assistance from a fellow officer, the two were able to free the bear ijust minutes, and without tranquilizing it. A large barrel with one end removed was placed beside the bear. With some prompting, the bear went into the barrel, which was theflipped up trapping the bear inside. The trapped paw was thepulled out from under the barrel and the paw released.
Mercer County WCO Lawrence R. Hergenroeder reports citations were issued for late spotlighting iPine Township.
WarreCounty WCO DustiM. Stoner states WarreState Police and Game CommissioDeputy WCOs Cory Turbeand Jeff Sherry responded to a reported deer-poaching incident occurring oOct. 22 at approximately 8:30 p.m. near the intersectioof Murray Hill and Telic RuRoads iSugar Grove Township. The investigatiocontinues and anyone with informatiopertaining to this incident is asked to contact the Game Commissioregiooffice iFrankliat 814-432-3187.
Clarion/JeffersoCounty LMGS George J. Miller says: “While conducting ainterview with a persowho had shot a sublegal buck over bait, he stated that he was upset with himself whehe found that he’d actually shot a small buck and not a doe, which he thought he was targeting. Regardless of the fact that it was shot over bait, this persodidn’t possess aantlerless license for the particular WMU either.”


From the Game Commission
Armstrong County WCO Gary Toward reports that a Kittanning mahas beecharged with killing a red-tailed hawk. The bird was perched ia tree near his home whehe killed it and disposed of the carcass ia nearby wood lot. Whequestioned by officers, the defendant at first denied any wrongdoing, but theadmitted to shooting the hawk.
Beaver County WCO Mike Yeck reports that several charges have beefiled against hunters using salt and mineral blocks as aenticement to hunt wildlife. Additionally, multiple charges have beefiled for people spotlighting after 11 p.m. and for archery hunters not wearing the required amount of fluorescent orange during overlapping rifle/muzzleloader seasons.
Fayette County WCO Douglas Bergmareports that charges will be filed against two 18-year-old individuals for buying hunting licenses without first taking the required Hunter Trapper Educatiocourse.
Greene County WCO Michael Greiner reports that a number of writtewarnings have beeissued to pheasant and small-game hunters for hunting with unplugged shotguns. 
Indiana County WCO Chris Reidmiller reports that a Blairsville mawas recently charged with shooting a 9-point antlered deer during the first day of the early antlerless-only muzzleloader season. The mafaces one charge of hunting with aunlawful device and one charge of taking aunlawful deer.
Somerset County WCO Nathaniel Kimmel says multiple individuals have beecited for failing to wear the required amount of fluorescent orange material during the overlap with early muzzleloader seasothis year.
Somerset County WCO Nathaniel Kimmel reports many reports of illegal road-hunting have beecoming in. With the recent ring-necked pheasant stockings, many people are trying to get aeasy shot at a bird by locating them by the way of their vehicles. Four individuals have recently beecaught locating pheasants using their vehicles and subsequently alighting and shooting at the birds. Among the four individuals, 15 violations occurred and multiple citations are being filed.
Somerset County WCO ShawBarroreports that two individuals were cited for hunting through the use of several kinds of bait oa cooperator property ihis district. Baits included shelled corn, a white salt block and a powder attractant.
WashingtoCounty WCO Richard W. Joyce reports that charges are pending against a local man. Aadult hunter shot at two pheasants that were oa township road. The individual shot from the vehicle and was ipossessioof a loaded shotguwhile the vehicle was imotion. This incident took place a full week before the pheasant seasoopened iWMU 2A, he said.
From the Fish & Boat Commission
WashingtoCounty WCO SeaSausermareports that Dutch Fork Lake is finally at full pool since being damaged by heavy rains i2004. The repairs to the dam were completed this year.
Allegheny County WCO Bob Wheeler is investigating aincident where several motorboats interfered with the head of the Ohio river races. Various charges including negligent operatioof a watercraft are being explored. Negligent operatiocarries a fine of $250 and the possible loss of boating privileges for up to five years.
Cambria County WCO Al Coliais investigating pollutioothe South Branch of Blacklick Creek caused by the drawdowof AMD treatment ponds. Fish kills were documented for approximately 3 miles. The investigatiocontinues.


From the Fish & Boat Commission
Centre County WCO Greg Kraynak cited a18-year-old male from State College for interference with officers. WheKraynak approached the defendant at Sayers Dam, he quickly dumped his creel basket into the lake so that the officer could not check the species or size of fish he had caught.  The charge of Interference with officers carries a $250 fine and loss of fishing privileges for up to five years.
Clearfield County WCO Robert Dunbar served aarrest warrant oa 20-year-old Clearfield mafor fishing without a license. The defendant also had five other outstanding arrest warrants. Whethe defendant was located hiding ia bedroom, he was takeinto custody and remanded to Clearfield County Prison.


From the Game Commission
Adams County WCO Cory M. Ammermafiled charges against two individuals for poaching a buck at night through the use of a spotlight. After a short foot pursuit, one individual was takeinto custody, and the other shortly after. Both mewere convicted felons not to possess firearms, and oparole/probation. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded drug paraphernalia consistent with the use of cocaine.
Perry County WCO KeviAndersoreports that a recent search-and-rescue operation, conducted with Pennsylvania State Police iNewport and the state Department of Conservatioand Natural Resources, resulted ifinding a lost hunter. The hunter had beemissing for nine hours ithe Tuscarora State Forest iPerry County. He was located by a group of WCOs around midnight. The hunter was dressed ilightweight clothing and the temperature had dropped into the 30s with a moderate wind. He was treated by medical personnel.
FrankliCounty WCO Douglas Barrick reports that two citations were filed for hunting through the use of bait during the opening day of archery deer season.
Land Management Officer SteveBernardi cited a hunter for not possessing the proper WMU antlerless license. He was hunting the early muzzleloader seasousing a percussion-ignitiomuzzleloader. He was hunting iWMU 4D, but had only a WMU 4B antlerless license. The hunter was lucky though, as he had snapped three percussiocaps ohis rifle at a doe, but the gufailed to go off.
Blair County WCO William Brehureports that charges have beefiled othree individuals for the possessioof controlled substances oState Game Land 158 iSnyder Township, Blair County.
Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour reports that road-hunting near the pheasant-stocked areas continues to be a problem. Several violations, including using a motorized vehicle to hunt game, loaded firearms ivehicles, and shooting oor across roadways, have beediscovered.
Adams County WCO D. J. David reports that during the period of one week iOctober, WCO Cory Ammermainvestigated three cases involving unlawful taking of deer. During these investigations, they dealt with five convicted felons.
Cumberland County WCO JohFetchkareports that several violations were encountered iOctober. These include baiting, illegal spotlighting, game lands violations and firearms ivehicles while spotting. One incident involved four individuals who were spotting very late and had a .30-06 underneath the legs of the backseat passengers. He discovered bullets were scattered ithe front. Whethe trunk of the vehicle was opened, a cleaplastic tarp was found lining the inside.
FultoCounty WCO JustiKlugh reports that deputies responded to a safety-zone complaint and were able to make a case involving aunlawfully killed deer.
York County WCO SteveKnickel reports that several individuals have beecaught ipossessioof hunting licenses, as well as game, without ever having takeHunter-Trapper Educatiocourses.
HuntingdoCounty WCO Richard Macklem II stopped a vehicle for late spotlighting.  The driver was takeinto custody for driving under the influence of alcohol.
Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorreports that he, along with DCNR Ranger Shane Stinedurf, filed charges against aindividual hunting othe first day of the archery season. Those charges included hunting over bait, not possessing a license, damage to trees, and feeding wildlife oforestry ground. There were a number of warnings giveas well.
MiffliCounty WCO Jeff Mock has received numerous complaints from homeowners regarding their houses being lighted by spotlighters. Patrols have beeconducted ithose areas, and will continue throughout the fall.
Bedford County WCO Salvadore Zaffuto reports three individuals were found hunting through the use of bait. One buck was killed through the use of bait. Citations are pending.
LMGS JonathaS. Zuck apprehended two individuals who turned a grassy parking area oSGL 48 (Bedford County) into a mud hole by doing “doughnuts” and “spinning out” with their vehicles. “I just followed the “mud” trail dowthe road and it ended at a residence where I observed a crusty mud-covered SUV.” Further investigatioled to a second suspect vehicle. Iadditioto receiving multiple citations for infractions of state game lands regulations, the violators also have to repair the parking area.
From the Fish & Boat Commission
Cumberland/NortherYork County WCO David Hurst recently stopped a vehicle while assisting local Game Commissioofficers. The driver was subsequently arrested for DUI, possessioof crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.


From the Game Commission
Pike/Monroe counties WCO Mark Kropa reports DWCO JohSivo investigated a violatioiSaw Creek Estates where a hunter shot a 10-point buck through the use of bait and ia safety zone. The individual used coras bait and shot the deer withi11 yards from a house. The 10-point buck’s Boone & Crockett greescore was 1355⁄8, which qualifies it as a trophy-class deer wheseeking restitution. The man, from StateIsland, N.Y., faces fines up to $1,500 and $5,000 irestitution. It is illegal to hunt icorn, soybeans, sorghum or any other standing crop without the permissioof the farmer. Two of the hunters were cited for blocking a gate and possessing another person’s license.
Columbia County WCO Rick Deiterich is investigating a case were aarcher claimed to kill a bear with his bow iself-defense. 
Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley reports three male deer were shot at night and left ia local landowner’s field. The hind quarters and heads were removed from the deer. Aongoing investigatiohas revealed informatiothat should lead to charges being filed.
Monroe County WCO RyaGildea reports aindividual was recently cited for hunting through the use of a motorized vehicle, hunting without the proper license, and failure to wear fluorescent orange after he was spotted walking near a busy intersectiowith a cocked crossbow. The mastated his wife had dropped him off to shoot deer ia woodlot after they had spotted them from their vehicle.
Monroe County WCO RyaGildea reports several warnings have beeissued for hunters not wearing the required amount of fluorescent orange.
Bradford County WCO Philip Kasper reports that there has beea marked increase ipoaching activity withithe county. “I have received multiple tips from people reporting late spotlighting, shots heard ithe middle of the night, and deer being dumped along roadways,” Kasper said.
Wayne County WCO Jim McCarthy states that several poaching incidents ithe Waymart area are being investigated.
Wayne County WCO Jim McCarthy states that charges have beefiled against a Hamlimaafter his dogs radowaadult doe, causing injuries so severe that she had to be put down. Witnesses were horrified at the site of the dogs actively attacking the helpless deer.
Lackawanna County WCO KeviMorareports that aindividual has beecited for shooting antlerless deer without valid antlerless deer licenses. This individual is looking at more tha$2,800 ifines and restitution. Iaddition, his hunting privileges may be revoked for three years.
Lackawanna County WCO KeviMorareports that aindividual has beecited and prosecuted for killing a protected buck and trying to conceal the kill by stomping the antlers off with his boots.
Lackawanna County WCO KeviMorareports that aindividual has beecited and prosecuted for shooting clay birds ostate game lands. There were bowhunters up itreestands close to where this individual was shooting, creating a potential risk of injury.
Wyoming County WCO Victor Rosa reports incidents involving junior hunters, from unlawful taking of deer to shooting from ATVs. Several citations have beefiled against both the parents and the juveniles.
Bradford County WCO Joe Wenzel reports that a fugitive from Texas, who was wanted ofelony charges stemming from aincident with WCOs last November iBradford County, was captured ithe State of Indiana iAugust. The individual also was wanted iIndiana and a number of other states.
Bradford County WCO Joe Wenzel reports that three Elmira, N.Y., mewere convicted of several charges including the unlawful taking of deer, possessing loaded firearms ia vehicle, and shooting across roadways. The mewere sentenced to pay $17,046, which includes fines, court costs and replacement costs for deer they killed.
From the Fish & Boat Commission
IWayne County, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, iconjunctiowith Waterways ConservatioOfficer David Kaneski begaainvestigatiowheit was reported to him that a company had pumped water from a flooded basement of a residence into a culvert. The water was mixed with a large quantity of home heating oil and reached a nearby stream via the culvert. Charges were filed against a company and individuals who allegedly polluted commonwealth waters.
Columbia County Waterways ConservatioOfficer AaroLupacchini begawhat appeared to be a routine contact with two mewho had just retrieved a canoe onto the launch ramp at the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission’s Bloomsburg access. Lupacchini noticed the canoe had no launch permit or registratiodisplayed oit. Once he had begutalking with the two men, he noticed there were no personal flotatiodevices aboard the canoe and that both mehad beedrinking beer. After field tests, one of the mewas arrested for suspicioof boating under the influence of alcohol and the other mawas cited for the personal flotatiodevice violation.


From the Game Commission
Berks County WCO Matt Teehareports that illegal activity continues to rise iOctober, and he has handled several illegal deer cases, as well as cases of illegal spotlighting, baiting and hunting without a license. 
Bucks County WCO JohPapsoreports, with the start of the season, several individuals have beecited for not taking the required Hunter-Trapper Educatiocourse, as well as hunting through the use of bait and/or using unplugged shotguns.
Chester County WCO Scott Frederick conducted a waterfowl enforcement effort for the first Saturday of the early one-week seasoand encountered multiple violations.  Citations and warnings were issued for five unsigned licenses, four unsigned duck stamps and aunplugged pump shotgun.
DauphiCounty WCO Derek Daly has beeencountering quite a few small-game hunters ithe field with unplugged shotguns.
Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham filed citations onumerous individuals for late spotlighting.
Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham filed citations otwo individuals for possessioof drug paraphernalia, marijuana and crystal methamphetamine while ostate game lands.
Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham handled many mistake kills during archery and muzzleloader seasons.
LebanoCounty WCO BriaSheetz reports that several citations have beewrittefor people hunting while using bait.
LebanoCounty WCO BriaSheetz reports that many citations have beewrittefor persons failing to wear the required amount of fluorescent orange material othe head, chest and back combined.
Lehigh/NorthamptoCounty WCO Shawna Burkett reports several calls about baiting across the Lehigh Valley. Two cases have beemade this seasoso far and the other leads look promising, she said.
Montgomery County WCO Raymond Maddereports multiple illegal deer kills have beeinvestigated and citations have beeissued iall of them.
NorthamptoCounty WCO Brad Kreider reports that several cases involving game violations from last year have beeadjudicated and seized items returned. “Evethough baiting deer is illegal, it seems to be aongoing issue with several cases filed during early archery season,” he said.

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