Ready for ice fishing? Put the boat and outboard away properly first

Terry TumaI see a lot of issues with proper boat storage, and I can’t begin to cover it all in a simple blog. Let me focus on one point: The biggest factor for winterizing our boats and motors, or lawn mowers and weed whips for that matter, is adding gas treatment. Ethanol-based gas will separate into water and gas if it sits too long, and the result is clogged carburators and fuel-injection ports.

Another option is to run all your gas out. These rules apply to two-cycle and four-cycle engines alike.

A good rule to help avoid this – year-round – is to never keep topping off your gas. Run as low as you can, so you’re replacing with fresh gas.

All year, put an additive or if you can run it down to help prevent the problem. Believe me, it’s fairly expensive to get a carburator cleaned out.

I’ve witnessed problems with gas first hand and I bet many of you have, too. I was at an access just the other day and saw a fisherman who couldn’t get his boat started. We’ve all seen it with many devices – it applies to gas augers, too.

Don’t be that guy!

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