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North Central Minnesota Fishing Report – November 15th, 2013


A handful of anglers continued to work the shallow rock reefs for muskies last weekend, but as shoreline ice formed early this week that came to an end. The ice will more than likely melt with warmer temperatures forecasted this week. The deer season started slow for most parties as the wind on opening day really limited the harvest.
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Anchoring and jigging has been most productive for walleyes near Long Point and Four Mile Bay in 18 to 22 feet. Sturgeon are biting with good reports coming from Rocky Point over to Long Point. Jigging also has produced walleyes on the Rainy River in 15 to 22 feet at Vidas Landing, Baudette Bay, and in front of the airport. At the Northwest Angle, walleyes are grouped in necked-down areas with current and some rocky points adjacent to bays in 22 to 30 feet. Trolling for muskies has been productive in 12 to 20 feet and crappies are hitting over 25 to 28 feet in the evenings.
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Deer hunting reports varied and the wind on opening day played a role in the lack of success for many groups. It seems as though more deer were seen and shot on Sunday and Monday than the opener. A thin layer of ice took hold along the shorelines and in most wind-protected bays early this week, but the main lake was wide open.
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The deer hunt has started slower than last year. Hunters aren’t seeing as many deer as they did a year ago and the majority of deer shot have been basket racked six- and eight-pointers or forkhorns. Many people have commented that they aren’t seeing many antlerless deer or big bucks.
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Some shoreline ice formed early this week and with the deer  season under way, fishing has likely come to an end until there’s ice.
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The ponds and small lakes are ice-covered, but the wind had prevented the bigger bodies of water from capping early this week. However, there is ice on the shorelines and covering the bays of the bigger lakes. Deer registrations from the first three days of the season were about the same as last year. The majority of deer shot have been small bucks with a recognizeable lack of bigger bucks being seen and taken.
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The few anglers that continue to fish are catching walleyes with shiner minnows in 25 to 35 feet on Gull Lake and Round Lake. Deer hunting reports have been favorable with most parties pleasantly surprised with the deer they’ve seen. There’s been a few big bucks shot, although antlerless deer and small-racked bucks have been most common.
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Fishing has come to an end with ice starting to form on the shorelines. The deer season started with less success than a year ago, based on accounts from most hunters. There’s a definite lack of big bucks and they haven’t seen as many does and fawns as past years. Some groups have stated that they saw more wolves than deer on opening weekend.
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The small lakes and bays capped with ice Monday night, but the bigger bodies of water remained open. Duck hunting has been pretty good on these open-water areas with divers and puddle ducks utilizing the water that existed. Deer hunting reports have been mixed with some groups seeing only a few deer and others with most of their tags filled. It seemed like you either saw a lot of deer or none at all, with very little middle ground.
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Ice has started to form on all lakes, while most small lakes and ponds have been ice-covered for about a week. The deer opener was spotty, with better reports coming from agricultural areas and less success in the heavily forested areas. Big-racked and big bodied bucks have been scarce with small bucks and antlerless deer making up the majority of the kill.
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As of Tuesday morning, most of the lake was covered with one to two inches of ice. Temperatures and especially the wind will dictate if it stays intact this week. The wind on opening day of the deer season made for a slower than usual start for hunters. But many hunters have stated that rutting activity has increased since last week.
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Most hunters were happy with the start of the deer season with more positive than negative comments, not just with the deer shot, but also with the number of deer seen. Does and fawns made up the bulk of the harvest with quite a few four- to eight-point bucks in the mix.
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A skim of ice had formed along the shorelines of most lakes on Monday night. Most ponds and bays were completely covered early this week as well. The deer take appears to be down slightly from last year for the first few days of the season. Strong winds on opening day likely played a part in fewer deer being shot and hunters not staying in the woods as long as usual.
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