Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Central Ohio Fishing Report – October 11th, 2013

 Kokosing Lake (Knox County) – This lake of 149 acres in Knox County is limited to outboard motors of 10 horsepower or less.  Largemouth bass are being caught around shoreline cover and along the dam using spinnerbaits and tubes.  Bluegills are in shallow areas; try wax worms or nightcrawlers under a bobber. As water temperatures decrease, crappies will move to shallower water. Use minnows or crappie jigs fished under a slip bobber around cover or the old creek channel for best results.  Channel catfish can be caught on chicken livers, shrimp, or nightcrawlers fished on the bottom.

Madison Lake (Madison County) – Crappies are the target fish in this 104-acre lake west of Columbus. Use minnows and a bobber around woody cover, especially in the northern half of the lake, to catch fish over nine inches and up to 13 inches long.  Largemouth bass are being caught around shoreline cover and in concentrations of shad. Catfish can be caught using shrimp and chicken livers fished on the bottom. The lake is restricted to use of electric motors only.

Kiser Lake (Champaign County) – This 394-acre lake in Champaign County is perfect for a quiet day on the water since no motors are allowed. The lake has a good population of largemouth bass; try plastics, light-colored spinnerbaits, and crankbaits along the lily pads or cover on the north side of the lake. Crappies are becoming more active as the water cools this fall. Fishing with minnows in the old creek channel or around woody cover is best. Bluegills are also being taken around aquatic vegetation and cover using wax worms and red worms. 

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