Links from New York Outdoor News – Issue 19, 2013

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Season conflict upsets SE waterfowlers

Rationale for Waterfowl Hunting Seasons

Waterfowl Hunter Task Forces


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Huge carp a kick in the grass

Triploid Grass Carp in New York Ponds


Page 5

Sturgeon restoration boost

Lake Sturgeon Fact Sheet


Page 7

Warnick memorial youth pheasant hunt Oct. 12

R8 Ed Warnick Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt


Page 8

Grants awarded for Hudson estuary efforts

Hudson River Estuary Program


Page 11

New bobcat regs include free permit

Bobcat Hunting Seasons

Bobcat Trapping Seasons


Page 17

ECO, forest ranger exams set as training academy is held

New York Conservation Officers Association

Forest Rangers


Page 31

Ivy League Whitetails

Cornell Earn-a-Buck (EAB) Deer Hunting Program

The Arnot  Teaching and  Research Forest

Cornell University “Earn-a-Buck” Deer Hunting Report -2012/13

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