Illinois Cuffs & Collars – September 20th, 2013

Region I

A CPO was on patrol in Johnson Sauk Trail State Park. The CPO observed three young men fishing at the site lake. As the men left the area, they left trash at the site and one of them threw a bottle into the lake. The CPO made contact with these men and determined none of them had a fishing license. Each person was issued two citations (six citations total) and they have a mandatory court appearance in Henry County Court.
A CPO began reviewing 8,000-plus documents received from the Illinois State Police Computer Evidence Recovery Unit relating to a felony fraud investigation of a boat dealer/manufacturer in McDonough County. The joint agency investigation is ongoing and the principal offender is scheduled for release from federal custody relating to a prior fraud conviction of similar activities.
A District 1 CPO was checking bank fishermen at the Castle Rock State Park overlook when he discovered one subject to be in possession of an under-sized smallmouth bass. The subject was issued a citation and the dead fish was seized.
A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety checks on the Mississippi River. The following violations were discovered: Type IV throwable device in un-serviceable condition, wearable PFDs not readily accessible, unsecured storage battery, fire extinguisher in un-serviceable condition and operation of a motorboat without a sounding device.
A District 1 CPO conducted a commercial inspection on a rental boat business. The owner of the business was issued citations for failure to properly register rental boats and failure to obtain rental stickers for rental boats. Multiple written warnings were also issued.
A CPO was completing watercraft safety inspections at area boat ramps along the Rock River in Winnebago County. Violations addressed included: insufficient number of wearable PFDs, no Type IV throwable PFD, fire extinguisher not in serviceable condition, failure to secure batteries to hull and cover terminals, and violation of no wake zone.
While patrolling Hennepin Canal State Park, a CPO located three subjects tending to a fire in a restricted area. After watching the subjects smoke cannabis, one subject was arrested for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.
While patrolling along the Mississippi River, a CPO located two subjects sitting on concrete piers. Both subjects were arrested for possession of cannabis and/or drug paraphernalia.
A CPO investigated a baiting complaint in District 7. A tip from a concerned citizen prompted the officer to check on a potentially baited dove field. The complaint was unfounded as it related to dove hunting.
A District 1 CPO and the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Department took the appropriate enforcement action on a Rock Falls man for unlawfully dumping his trash at a Hennepin Feeder Canal parking area. He was also ordered to clean the trash up.

Region II

A male subject on a personal watercraft approached the boat ramp on the Fox River in St. Charles. Field sobriety testing was conducted and the subject was arrested. The subject was asked if there was any cannabis on the boat and he replied “yes.” A search of the PWC was conducted and a bag of cannabis and a pipe were located. The subject blew a .048 percent BAC and submitted to a urine test. The subject stated he “smokes cannabis daily and has done so for the past 15 years.” The results of the urine test are pending.
Two District 2 CPOs were on boat patrol on the Fox River when they observed two passengers on a boat riding on the gunwales. They stopped the boat and conducted a safety inspection. During the inspection, the operator showed signs of impairment and admitted to drinking a large amount of alcoholic beverages, so he was brought aboard for field sobriety testing. The operator failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for OUI. He blew a .127 BAC. After processing this subject for OUI, the same CPOs went back on boat patrol and observed another boat operating without navigation lights after sunset. They stopped the boat and the operator of this boat also showed signs of impairment when he almost fell while retrieving safety equipment. He was brought aboard for field sobriety testing, which he failed. He was arrested for OUI and blew a .133 BAC.
CPOs wrote several citations during a netting detail in Kane County. Citations were issued for cannabis, netting sport fish and fishing without a license.
CPOs caught an individual smoking cannabis at Chain O’ Lakes State Park. The man was also found to be fishing without a license.
Two District 2 CPOs stopped a Waverunner for operation after hours and no waterway sticker. After detecting an odor of alcoholic beverage and the admission of drinking five beers, field sobriety testing was administered. The operator failed and was arrested for OUI.

Region III

A CPO observed a vehicle enter the Fishhook area occupied by two adults and a juvenile. While talking to the subjects, the CPO observed two large drink cups sitting on the driver and passenger floorboard. The CPO smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage while talking to the subjects. The CPO asked the adults if there was alcohol in the cups. Both adults admitted to having some “Captain” in the cups, referring to Captain Morgan. Citations were issued for unlawful transport of open alcohol by driver and passenger.
A CPO observed a vehicle stopped in the roadway. A subject came out of a ditch and got into the passenger area. The CPO observed several subjects in the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The subject in the passenger seat had been picking clover blossoms. The CPO observed fishing equipment and asked if the group had been fishing. They told the CPO they had been fishing in one of the Corps of Engineers ponds and had five largemouth bass that they kept. The driver told the CPO all the bass were over the 14-inch legal limit and then showed the CPO the bass. The largest bass measured 13 inches and the smallest measured just over nine inches. The CPO issued a citation for under legal size bass taken from a Corps of Engineers pond.
District 19 CPOs received a call of a young male that was hurt while tubing on Clinton Lake. The 911 caller stated that the boy had been cut in the neck and was bleeding badly. The boy had fallen off the front of the tube and the metal clip holding it on caught his neck and tore into the skin. After being checked out by the ambulance, it was found that no major arteries had been damaged and just skin was damaged by the metal clip.
District 19 CPOs received a call of a wakeboard accident on Clinton Lake. CPOs arrived before the ambulance and kept the subject stable. During this time, the subject was going in and out of consciousness. After talking with other occupants of the boat, it was found that the subject was coming out of a turn when the front of his board caught in some wake. He then came off the board and did three cartwheels before landing in the water. After further interviews, it was found that he had a severe head injury about a year before from a skateboarding accident.

Region IV

A CPO investigated an illegal dumping of deer case in Menard County. The dead deer was dumped from a local deer farm. The CPO obtained a confession.
CPOs assisted Menard County Sheriff’s Department with the apprehension of a suspended driver who attempted to flee and elude a deputy.
District 10 CPOs conducted enforcement on subjects illegally fishing in Menard and Sangamon counties. Charges ranged from written warnings for no fishing licenses to arrests for fishing in restricted areas.
A Sangamon County subject was arrested on a warrant after being checked for a fishing license. The subject was transported to the Sangamon County jail where he later posted bond.
District 10 CPOs conducted a detail around the Sangamon County Conservation area. Many complaints have arisen from the area. CPOs issued several citations and arrested one subject for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
A CPO completed a records inspection on a deer and turkey outfitter in District 10. The outfitter was cited for numerous violations and was instructed on how to correct them.
A CPO was checking sport fishermen along the Mississippi River. Two fishermen did not have sport fishing licenses. During the check, the CPO smelled the odor of cannabis and observed a pipe in the arm of the chair. During a search, he found a second pipe and two containers of cannabis. The two fishermen were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis. A third subject who was not fishing was also arrested for the same offenses as the other two.
A CPO was patrolling Pere Marquette State Park when he received a call of a domestic battery in the campground. The CPO responded to the area and met three witnesses. They observed a man punch a woman in the face and strangle her. Upon making contact with the victim, he noticed a mark on her face and marks around her neck. The man was arrested for domestic battery. The man had a prior arrest and an expired order of protection for the same thing.

Region V

CPOs were on a boat stop at Rend Lake in Marcum Cove. The operator of the watercraft was OUI. He registered a BAC of .015 percent. While on the boat stop another boat swerved around them creating a large wake to the stopped watercraft. The CPOs left the first stopped boat and stopped the second boat that caused a wake. That operator was also operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. His BAC was .011 percent. A CPO towed the first boat to the dock and both arrested operators were taken to the Franklin County jail.
CPOs worked Forbes State Park. Citations were issued for possessing alcohol in a restricted area and no life jackets.
A CPO stopped a vehicle after it pulled out in front of him causing him to slam on his brakes. He learned the driver was suspended and the passenger was wanted on a warrant.
A CPO stopped a vehicle for expired registration while working at the Kinkaid Lake complex. During the stop, the vehicle’s owner was found not to have insurance on the vehicle. The driver was cited for the violation.
A CPO received a call from the Lake Murphysboro State Park site superintendent that someone had destroyed park property. Upon arrival, the CPO was shown where someone had taken a corner too fast and ran over a sign made out of 6-by-6 posts and then ran into a tree. Park personnel had found an envelope and letter at the scene. No accident report had been made with local or county law enforcement. The CPO took the initial report and is conducting an investigation into the owner of the letter that was found at the scene of the accident.
CPOs arrested a boat operator on Kinkaid Lake for operating under the influence. His BAC was .156 percent.
CPOs arrested a subject on a warrant at the Kinkaid Spillway. He was wanted for failure to appear on domestic battery charges.
Two CPOs made drug and paraphernalia arrests while checking fishermen at Rend Lake. Several groups of fishermen were cited for a variety of violations including snagging. A one hitter box with cannabis, two pipes and a bag of cannabis were seized during the checks.
CPO patrolled the Wabash River and came upon two elderly fishermen stranded after their boat broke down. He towed them back to shore.
A CPO cited a subject at Kinkaid Lake spillway for fishing without a license.
A CPO assisted Union County and the Illinois State Police attempting to locate a female who had pulled a pistol on a subject in rural Union County and fled in a vehicle.

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