A big buck, but not mine

Steve PiattA friend of mine sent me a trail cam picture of a big buck this week, and I mean big. I won't go into details about who, where and when, for fear that process of elimination might point you to the area or the hunter in question. He didn't want the image passed around so I can't show it to you on our website; you'll have to take my word for it.

Anyway, all of a sudden this buck – I don't like to throw around the word "Booner" that often, but this guy could be in that rarified air – has become my obsession this fall, even though it lives several hours away from my hunting area and it's 50-50 as to whether I'll hunt any of this property this fall. I've been invited, but my game plan at the time was to maybe fill a DMP tag or down my typical small buck.

When I say I'm a bit fixated with this buck it doesn't mean I want to tag him. In fact, if I do hunt this piece of property he's the last thing I want to see stroll under my stand – which probably assures that it will happen if I do hunt there. This buck, in my mind, clearly belongs to my friend. It's his hunting home turf, he's been doing all the monitoring, putting the time in ahead of the archery kickoff.

My role is pretty much that of a cheerleader in this case, and a fairly anxious one at that. The highlight of my season will, I hope, be a phone call from an excited hunter, still in his treestand, detailing his buck of a lifetime with, I hope, a phrase like, "He's down! I see him right from my stand."

This buck is that big.

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