Concealed-carry instructor applications available in Illinois

Ralph LoosState Police officials say concealed-carry permits should be available in January and that applications for training to be a concealed-carry instructor are now available. The latter announcement was made today, one week before the deadline to open access to the forms required for state residents to become instructors.

The application is available at

According to a new law signed in July, people who want to apply for a concealed-carry license in Illinois "must successfully complete training from an approved Illinois concealed-carry firearms instructor."

Instructor applicants seeking to become a certified Illinois concealed carry firearms instructor shall be: at least 21 years of age; a legal resident of the United States; possess or be eligible for a valid FOID card; and be eligible for a Concealed Carry License in Illinois.

Approved instructors will be listed in a state registry. Cost for those wanting to be trained to be concealed-carry instructors has not been detailed.

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