As bow season nears, make sure boundaries are marked

Keri ButtAs bow season inches closer, the old saying, “good fences make good neighbors” comes to mind. Personally, I haven’t had to deal much with trespassers.

Unfortunately, I know too many hunters who have had to put up with those who know no boundaries. A few years ago, a good friend of mine was hunting a giant buck from which he had collected four years of sheds. There was about 45 minutes of daylight left when he tried a grunt call. Then, here comes the monster. Closer…closer…closing in….when an arrow came hurling out of nowhere and hit the deer in the hindquarters. The deer took off but didn’t go very far. Another arrow, and another marginal hit, and the buck bolted.

After shaking off the immediate shock, he realized that the arrow had come from the direction of one of his other stands, where someone he didn’t know was hunting. With his video camera still rolling, my friend headed that way. I was in utter shock when I watched the video of the scene. Honestly, I was more shocked that he didn’t come more uncorked on the trespassing hunter.

This was clearly an intentional invasion of privacy; however, there are instances that do occur because property lines are not clearly marked. This is why it’s so important to use every visual tool in your power to mark property lines so, without a doubt, there’s no question an intruder shouldn’t be there.

Above all else, be careful out there this bow season.

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