Best of the Best: 2013's New Archery Accessories

Today’s bowhunter has more rests, arrows, and trinkets to choose from than ever before – heck you could fill up a 5,000-square-foot archery shop and not even touch all of the offerings. Where does an archer begin? Well, a starting point can be found below, but make sure to get into your local shop to test most of these products out before “pulling the trigger.”

Fairchase Products

From the makers of Nose Jammer comes a new laundry detergent that will not fade camo, has no UV brighteners, and has no harmful chemicals. The detergent infuses clothing with natural aromatic compounds that are emitted from trees and shrubs commonly found in the woods you hunt. These non-alarming compounds “jam” the senses of deer in concentrated levels.


Optimizer Lite Ultra Series Sights are constructed from machined aluminum and feature HHA’s signature green sight ring, ARMOR Sight Pin Technology, patented DS-TAPES and Mathews Harmonic Dampers. They are user-friendly too because there are no tools required. A yardage dial allows for rapid adjustment per yard and 52 coded tapes means a person simply has to sight in at 20 and 60 yards and select one tape so all other ranges are automatically dialed in.


The new Carbon Hexx is a high-speed arrow that has the highest caliber tolerances of any carbon arrow ever produced by Easton. Hexx is the ultimate in performance that gives the bowhunter a perfect blend of flat shooting, reduced diameter penetration, and off-the-chart factory precision.


Crossbow Lighted Nocks have an exclusive Universal Fit Technology, that allows the nocks to fit virtually any crossbow bolt. With the Universal Fit Technology and three nock configurations – half-moon, capture and flat-back. As with all the Nockturnal Lighted Nocks, the crossbow nocks require no assembly and go straight from the package to the bolt. The piston-driven contact switch is hidden and protected to prevent inadvertent activation or deactivation.

Hunter Safety System

The HSS-Elite Series vest is a newl treestand safety harness that fuses the elements of form and function in a high-performance zippered vest. The Elite bucks the notion that in order to save your life safety vests have to be bulky, uncomfortable and lacking in the fashion department. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the Elite is destined to become a favorite for all-season hunting.


Rage introduces the Hypodermic broadhead, an aerodynamically design that is exceptionally tough and offers deep penetration. The precision-machined solid-steel ferrule sports a new hybrid tip design that’s as sharp as a needle, allowing it to have aerodynamics and accuracy with the bone-crushing performance of a chisel tip. Two-inch cutting diameter.


The new Black Rack creates a realistic sound without a huge range of motion. Made with Flextone’s proprietary Bone Core Technology, The Black Rack includes two full racks designed to deliver the realistic crash of bone-against-bone. Plus, from treestand to still-hunting, the black satin finish conceals movement and shine and “flash” that you normally get while rattling with other white or tan plastic rattling antlers.


The new XRAY Z9X and Z6X rangefinders offer something for every hunter. The Z9X ranges up to 900 yards. Each model comes with AI Technology to account for slope to the target, 6X or 8X power, scan mode, and fast readings. Both the XRAY Z9X and Z6X come with a durable nylon case and feature a sleek ergonomic design that easily fits into your palm and allows for a stable range.


HotShot SweetWeed FoodAttractant has an irresistible sweet smell with an internal bag that separates the product from its pressurizing agent. It’s quiet so it won’t spook deer, and it sprays from all angles – even upside down.

Gold Tip

The new Crusader bolt was engineered to compliment Mission’s new MXB-360 crossbow. The bolt has a straightness tolerance of .005-inches and weight tolerance of 2 grains. Included components: aluminum insert (50 grain), aluminum moon nock (39 grain).

Evolved Habitat

Evolved Habitats brings an attractant with a more intense corn aroma, two times the protein and three times the fat of corn.

Hips Targets

The X2 Big Game Series from Hips Targets uses Endurance Foam that has been newly formulated for archery targets and works great for field point and broadheads. The targets are heat welded into one, single block for outstanding durability and less mess.

Mathews Quiver

The ArrowWeb T-Series Grid Lock quiver is the next generation quiver for a Mathews’ bow. Its SpiderClaw quick snap attachment is silent and secure. The quiver weighs 5 to 7 ounces (three-, five-, or seven-arrow design).


The Pulse automatic arrow rest guides arrows longer and retracts faster than most rests, and then resets itself to the ready position. Unlike other drop-away rests, the triggering cable on the Pulse attaches to the lower half of the bowstring or cable so the launcher stays up, cradling the arrow longer to provide the ultimate amount of guidance during release.


Unlike powders for checking wind, the new WindMarker monitors wind the entire time you’re on stand. Hang them at various distances and elevations to alert you of changing thermals and other wind patterns. They also make great yardage detectors and you can match WindMarker colors to the colors of your pins for specific yardage.

Yukon Tracks

The Tree Seat Tree Lax Lounger TL101 is the perfect addition to any ladder stand that needs a seat, or for the ground hunter who would like all-day comfort. It holds up to 300 pounds and it’s folding design makes it compact and portable.


The new Halo Full Containment rest has independent adjustable launcher arms. It is for right- or left-handed shooters and has 360 degrees of containment and forward flexing rest prongs for maximum forgiveness and accuracy.


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