Southwest Ohio Fishing Report – August 2nd, 2013

Stillwater River (Miami County) – Smallmouth bass are being caught by anglers using artificial soft craws and real soft craws. Lead-headed jigs tipped with a curly tail or other soft bait has also been successful. The best color choices are black and green or pumpkinseed.

East Fork (Clermont County) – Largemouth bass are being caught by anglers using plastic worms, banded crankbaits, or top water baits such as buzzbaits. Best times are early in the morning and late in the evening. Cast along the points, buck brush, banks, and in the areas with submerged trees or brush. Jig the worm on the bottom. Keep the shiners or minnows moving in the top two to three feet of water. Channel catfish are being caught by anglers using minnows or chicken livers. Larger channel catfish are being caught on nightcrawlers, Nitro worms (green nightcrawlers), or chicken livers. Keep the bait along the bottom and near any rock wall and at least 18 feet deep. Bluegills are hitting on meal worms, wax worms, or red worms. Keep the bait under a bobber and about two to five feet deep. Cast anywhere around the docks, standing wood, or downed trees. Hybrid striped bass are being caught by anglers trolling near the main beach, campground beach, and the flat near the Army Corps ramp. Start watching for schools of shad acting skittish on the surface and be ready to cast a twister or bait into the school. Remember, all hybrids less than 15 inches long must be immediately released back into the lake. Also, anglers can only keep a daily limit of four hybrids. Anglers are encouraged to cut the line on deeply hooked hybrids to be released back into the lake.

Cowan Lake (Clinton County) – Bluegills and sunfish are being caught by anglers using earthworms or wax worms. Good artificial bait colors are green or chartreuse. There are good fishing opportunities from a boat or along the shoreline and pier areas. Look for additional opportunities in the mouth of Cowan Creek. Keep the bait five to six feet deep. Channel catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers, cut bait, shrimp, or earthworms. Fish from the pier area, campground cove, or creek channel. Keep the bait off of the bottom and about three to six feet deep.

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