Minnesota Cuffs & Collars – August 1st, 2013

District 1 – Baudette area

CO Ben Huener (Roseau) checked ATVers and talked to many blueberry pickers in the Beltrami Island State Forest. Anglers and boaters were checked on Lake of the Woods and Hayes Lake.
CO Angie Warren (Thief River Falls) worked angling and boating activity on area rivers and Lake Bronson. A call about a possible sick deer was investigated. An investigation of misappropriation of water was concluded.
CO Keith Backer (Blackduck) investigated a wolf depredation, checked ATV and ORV activity, and monitored activity on experimental-regulation lakes.
CO Robert Gorecki (Baudette) monitored fishing and ATVing activity throughout the week. A wolf-depredation complaint was investigated. Enforcement action taken during the week included fishing and ATV violations.

District 2 – Bemidji area

CO Tom Hutchins (Crookston) reports spending the first part of this week working in the BWCAW. Time also was spent checking anglers and boaters on area lakes and rivers.  A catfish tournament on the Red River was monitored. A suspected wolf depredation was checked. 
CO Brice Vollbrecht (Bemidji) monitored angling and boating activity throughout the week. CO Vollbrecht also met with area forestry employees and closed fire investigations from the spring. 
CO Brian Holt (Bemidji) worked area ATV trails and monitored angling activity in Itasca State Park. Time also was spent investigating a possible public waters violation and a complaint about nuisance beavers. CO Holt also assisted with a medical call in a remote area of Beltrami County. The patient had been stung by insects while berry picking and was having a reaction to the stings. 
CO Chris Vinton (Detroit Lakes) attended a training meeting in St Paul, assisted the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office with a car-injured deer, and patrolled area access and fishing areas for compliance. One angler who was contacted was fishing without a valid license; enforcement action was taken.
CO Phil Seefeldt (Moorhead) followed up on reports about bogs being cut and left to float on an area lake. He also captured an injured eagle and attempted to locate an injured loon.
WREO Stattelman spent time working AIS and WCA activity. Time also was spent investigating an abandoned pontoon lift covered in weeds.

District 3 – Fergus Falls area

CO Troy Richards (Fergus Falls) gave a law and ethics presentation to the Fergus Falls firearm safety class. Officer Richards also followed up on non-compliant weed roller permit holders and issued citations where appropriate.
CO Tricia Plautz (Henning) issued a tag for a car-killed bear and handled a nuisance-bear complaint.
CO Shane Osborne (Evansville) checked fishermen, boaters, and ATVers. Officer Osborne received complaints about aquatic plant removal and is in the process of investigating the complaints with the regional APM specialist.
CO Mitch Lawler (Alexandria) answered complaints regarding an injured loon and turkey vulture. Time was spent on the Alex chain of lakes, with several violations encountered including fishing without a license, fishing with an invalid license, careless operation of a PWC, and AIS violations.
CO Jeff Johanson (Osakis) continued to work primarily fishing, boating, and AIS enforcement on and around area waterways. He and other officers spent time on Lake Minnewaska working a boating detail for the annual Waterama celebration.

District 4 – Wadena area

CO Paul Parthun (Lake George) worked with the county attorney on some active cases, checked anglers on local lakes, and took care of some evidentiary issues. He also patrolled area ATV trails and assisted the local sheriff’s department.
CO Sam Hunter (Park Rapids) received a number of complaints about PWCers riding after hours and would like to remind operators that they have to be off the lake one hour before sunset.
CO Greg Oldakowski (Wadena) investigated a call about several dogs chasing deer, but the dogs were never found.
CO Gary Sommers (Walker) continued work on a possible APM violation and assisted with on-the-water support for the swimming leg of the Chase the Police Triathlon. Officer Sommers also received a call from a concerned citizen regarding a bobcat that the person believed walked too close to his house and didn’t appear to be afraid of him.
CO Mark Mathy (Cass Lake) received calls regarding a skunk in a live trap, an injured swan, and reports of illegal angling activity. CO Mathy continued to work with Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe conservation officers on large case files.
CO Colleen Adam (OHV recreation officer – Park Rapids) patrolled area forest roads and trails. She responded to a nuisance-bear complaint, a vehicle in a ditch, and met with the county attorney.

District 5 – Eveleth area

CO Darrin Kittelson (International Falls) reports cooler, rainy, and windy weather kept most people close to their campsites, houseboats, and cabins on Rainy Lake. Enforcement action was taken for no angling license in possession, illegal-length fish, and transporting filleted walleyes on the water. A wolf-depredation complaint was investigated, and invasive species enforcement was performed at area boat accesses.
CO Dan Starr (Tower) investigated an illegal fire and worked fishing enforcement in the BWCA.
CO Don Bozovsky (Hibbing) worked anglers, boaters, ATVers, the state park and the DNR booth at the St. Louis County Fair. The officer also responded to a report about a stranded boater on an area lake. An aquatic plant management cease and desist order was issued for removing aquatic plants from a lake shoreline with a skid-steer loader. 
CO Mark Fredin (Aurora) received a call about people shooting robins with BB guns and illegal ATV activity, with adults giving children rides down county roads without the kids wearing helmets.

District 6 – Two Harbors area

CO Anthony Bermel (Babbitt) worked mainly fishing and boating enforcement during the week. Enforcement action was taken for possessing a northern within the protected slot, unregistered watercraft, PFD violations, PWC violations, and no fishing license in possession. 
CO Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) observed two wolf pups cross the road under the watchful eye of their mother. The mother crossed first and waited for the pups to cross before they went into the woods. Not an hour later, the CO observed a young girl cross a busy highway while her mother was looking at her smartphone screen on the other side of the road. The girl crossed in a crosswalk, and drivers saw her dart onto the highway. The mother looked up briefly when she heard vehicles slowing down, but then went back to her phone screen. Sometimes animals are smarter than we are.
CO Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) checked anglers, ATVers, and OHM activity. The officer worked a boat and water detail with the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office during the Dragon Boat races in the Grand Marais harbor.
CO Mary Manning (Hovland) followed up on a wolf depredation case and took a call regarding treble hook use near Lake Superior tributaries, and a call regarding a nuisance bear in the BWCAW. Campers in the area of the bear were advised of the hazard. Anglers on inland waters were checked, as were boaters. Officer Manning also took a call regarding a conflict over a boater approaching some loon chicks. Anglers and boaters are reminded that approaching to what may seem like a nonthreatening distance to them may in fact be stressful for wild animals and birds.
CO Don Murray (Two Harbors) worked fishing activity on inland lakes and Lake Superior. Enforcement action was taken for no trout stamp, no angling license in possession, and possession of an illegal steelhead. Officer Murray also responded to a call that came to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office of the possible finding of human remains at a local campground. The officer determined that they were animal remains.

District 7 – Grand Rapids area

CO Sarah Sindelir (Grand Rapids) worked boating and angling activity this past weekend. She also spent time in Deer River working AIS enforcement and assisted the county with an ATV accident Saturday night involving alcohol, which resulted in injury and several violations. 
CO Jayson Hansen (Bigfork) assisted the local sheriff’s office with numerous calls. Violations included allowing illegal operation of an ATV by a juvenile, transporting water, transporting live fish, failing to display boat registration, a panfish overlimit, minor consumption of alcohol, and DUI. 
CO Mike Fairbanks (Deer River) checked anglers, investigated a wetland complaint, monitored OHV activity, investigated a depredation complaint, and worked a detail with the conservation officer in the Bigfork station. Enforcement action was taken for underage consumption of alcohol, an angling license issue, and OHV registration issues.

District 8 – Duluth area

CO Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) worked angling, boating, and OHV enforcement. CO Humphrey also patrolled in the Fond du Lac State Forest.
CO Kipp Duncan (Duluth East) worked the tall ships event in the Duluth harbor from a personal watercraft. Officer Duncan also followed up on a beaver-trapping complaint, assisted the Duluth Police Department with a robbery call, and investigated a wetlands complaint.
Water Resource Enforcement Officer Mike Scott (northeast Minnesota) staffed an AIS informational booth at the North St. Louis County Fair and Blueberry Fest in Ely. An AIS road check was conducted on Saturday with assistance from DNR watercraft inspectors and local conservation officers.
Lake Superior Marine Unit
Sgt. Keith Olson (Lake Superior Marine Unit) worked the tall ships event in the Duluth-Superior harbor. Thousands of visitors flocked to Duluth for the 5-day event. Officer Olson also assisted the Duluth Police Department with a robbery call, checked boaters, and assisted the Coast Guard boarding teams.
CO Matt Miller (Lake Superior Marine Unit) reports anglers are still having trouble identifying protected steelhead from coho salmon; a reminder to learn the characteristics of each before a CO approaches your boat.

District 9 – Brainerd area

CO Mike Lee (Crosslake) followed up on APM permit violations (weed rollers) that the district received from Fisheries DNR officials. Officer Lee also received a complaint about a gray wolf attempting to take a leashed dog from a resident’s yard. The owner needed to use a firearm to protect his dogs; the wolf ran off and was not located. Officer Lee also assisted the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office and Crosslake police with a boating accident with injuries on Bonnie Lake. Officer Lee also received littering complaints that will require follow-up investigation. In one of the incidents, Officer Lee discovered that the parties responsible for illegal dumping also were burning prohibited material. The CO also assisted the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office and Minnesota State Patrol with a discovered suicide.
CO Nikki Shoutz (Pine River) reports that a “found” boat was reported on state land. The registered owner was located and was in violation of registration laws. 
CO Tim Collette (Pequot Lakes) followed up on complaints about weed rollers being operated without the required permit. A call about an eagle swimming in an area lake and trying to get to shore was handled. Assistance was given to the local police department in looking for the driver in a hit-and-run incident involving a pedestrian. The injured person and the car were left behind as the driver fled on foot.
CO Jim Guida (Brainerd) followed up on a personal watercraft complaint in which a driver was observed nearly running over an adult loon and its young.
CO James Tischler (Cuyuna Country State Rec Area) responded to an incident on the mountain bike trails in which a visitor’s unleashed dog bit a bicyclist. The owner was cited and the dog impounded. First aid was administered.

District 10 – Mille Lacs area

CO Scott Fitzgerald (Malmo) reports checking fishermen on Mille Lacs lake during the week. The officer also participated in an AIS work crew in the Pine County area. Assistance was also given to the sheriff’s department, and the officer also assisted the State Patrol with a boat trailer that was blocking a lane of traffic.
CO Dustie Heaton (Willow River) followed up on a call regarding emergent vegetation cutting on Oak Lake. Bulrush was cut in a large area in front of a resort. A citation was issued, and restoration will be sought.
CO Bret Grundmeier (Hinckley) patrolled lake access areas for aquatic invasive species transport violations. Other activity included checking anglers and ATVers and handling nuisance-animal complaints.
CO Eugene Wynn (Pine City) followed up on wetland and public waters complaints, recovered and transferred a sick deer to DNR Wildlife staff for disease testing, and spent time checking local state forests for activity.
CO Luke Croatt (Wealthwood) checked fishermen on Mille Lacs and area lakes. The CO checked a boat with several parties on board and asked if they had fish. They said they had a couple perch. The officers asked to look in the livewell and saw large walleyes and bass. The fishermen stated they were going to take photos and let them go later. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Robert Haberman (WREO) conducted follow-up investigations with local officers on Gull Lake and the Whitefish chain for illegal use of mechanical weed-controls devises.

District 11 – St. Cloud area

CO Joyce Kuske (Little Falls), while working boat and water enforcement, stopped to check a group of fishermen from Kansas who were heading out on the Mississippi River.  During the check it was found the group did not have any Type IV throwable devices for their boats. In the process of documenting the violations, CO Kuske had her cell phone go for a swim in the river. One of the fishermen in swim trunks was kind enough to jump in the river and retrieve the cell phone for her.  
CO Paul Kuske (Pierz) found a number of dead carp dumped on a road. Each had wounds consistent with being taken by bowfishing.
CO Chad Thesing (Albany) worked anglers and boaters. One access that was worked had 12 boats come to the access, and 10 boats had either boat plugs in or weeds on the trailer.
CO Caleb Silgjord (Sauk Centre) reports a wetlands complaint was investigated after a local homeowner illegally filled a small wetland behind his residence. A large overlimit of sunfish was found after observation and questioning of an area fisherman.

District 12 – Princeton area

CO Travis Muyres (Cambridge) worked a K9 AIS enforcement detail near Cross Lake and Gull Lake. The DNR AIS K9s targeted inspecting watercrafts for invasive zebra mussels.
CO Brandon McGaw (Mora) checked anglers and boaters during the week. Time was spent in the Snake River State Forest and Rum River State Forest focusing on ATV traffic. 
CO Todd Langevin (Center City) assisted the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office with a head-on collision that involved four vehicles.

District 13 – West Metro area

CO Steve Walter (Waconia) worked boaters for illegal transportation of invasive species.
CO Jackie Glaser (Mound) participated in a media event regarding alcohol enforcement in cooperation with the Minnesota State Patrol. 
CO Brent Grewe (Minnetonka) spent the majority of the week checking anglers and following up on a shoreline violation. 
CO Vang Lee (ELCOP) worked a bridge detail on the St. Croix River and gave a presentation at Three Rivers Park to a youth firearm safety class. 

District 14 – East Metro area

CO Patrick McGowan (Hastings) patrolled the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers for boating/fishing activity. Enforcement action was taken for numerous boating violations and illegal-length walleyes. 
CO Brad Johnson (Ham Lake) reports that he responded to a possible waters violation on Coon Lake.
CO Adam Block (Metro WREO) conducted a shoreline site visit with an area hydrologist in Washington County and also completed a visit in Scott County. 

District 15 – Marshall area

CO Gary Nordseth (Worthington) reports he spent much of the week on area lakes, checking boaters and anglers. The officer also worked the Minnesota River with CO Beckmann for the Franklin Catfish Days annual celebration.
WREO Larry Hanson (Southern Region) reports enforcement action was taken for boating equipment violations and AIS water-related equipment violations. A public waters violation was closed in Lyon County.

District 16 – New Ulm area

CO Brett Oberg (Hutchinson) reports working in the Minnesota River Valley this week. ATV enforcement also was worked, with enforcement action taken for passenger issues.
CO Mike Gruhlke (Jackson) completed his radio program, discussing topics including information provided at the fair, and the upcoming pheasant routes.
CO Eric Schettler (Fairmont) conducted AIS checks in other areas of the state. Angling and boating activities also were monitored.

District 17 – Mankato area

CO Brent Ihnen (Waseca) spent the week checking anglers, boaters, and ATV operators. Officer Ihnen also monitored AIS compliance.
CO Chad Davis (Owatonna) worked angling, boat and water, and ATV activity during the week. The Wall of Shame trailer was staffed with another officers at a store event.
CO Luke Belgard (Albert Lea) reports a TIP call was investigated and animal nuisance complaints were handled. Enforcement action was taken for extra lines and angling license violations.
CO Steve Chihak (Spring Valley) spent the week monitoring sportfishing on area trout streams. Officer Chihak also assisted Fillmore County sheriff’s deputies with a violent person and a vehicle rollover in Forestville State Park. Enforcement action was taken for the burning of prohibited materials.

District 18 – Rochester area

CO Phil George (Rochester) located a couple people near the Cascade Ponds in Rochester. One went to jail on a felony warrant from Wisconsin, and the other for 5th-degree possession of a controlled substance.
CO Kevin Prodzinski (Wabasha) reports spending most of the week was spent working on outstanding investigations and attending some training in St. Paul. One subject was contacted with 18 white bass over the limit, and another with an undersized small mouth bass.
CO Joel Heyn (Plainview) worked mainly anglers and boaters during the week. CO Heyn also worked ATVers and spoke to a firearm safety class in Millville.
CO Tom Hemker (Winona) investigated a fish overlimit complaint and checked ATV areas. 
CO Tyler Quandt (Red Wing) reports spending most of the week and weekend checking fishing activity. Time also was spent checking ATV activity.  Some fish were observed in the bag, but overall the success is pretty limited.  Some fishing and ATV violations were detected.

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