Ohio River Region Fishing Report – July 19th, 2013

Racine Dam area – Live bait has been the hot choice for catching both hybrid striped bass and smallmouth bass. Try creek chubs, shiners, or your favorite variety of live bait fished near the dam.

Meldahl Dam area – Fishing pressure was pretty slow all along the river due to warm weather and scattered storms. Anglers are having the most success catching hybrid striped bass, channel catfish, and flatheads on chicken livers and nightcrawlers.  Best times will be at dawn and dusk when the temperature is not too high.

Scioto County – Anglers in the past have had success fishing the Ohio River at the confluence of the Scioto River. Channel catfish are always a popular species to catch this time of year. Try using chicken livers or nightcrawlers fished tight-line off the bottom. Target flathead catfish by using live skipjacks or shad. Some hybrid striped bass may also be caught. Try using white jigs with twisters tipped with minnows. 

Western River counties (Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, and Adams counties) – Flatheads can be caught on chicken livers fished with no weight at drop-offs of 15 to 20 feet.

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