Improving bass, muskie, and walleye bite bumps fishing license sales

Joe AlbertAmazing what a little good weather will do.

Not surprisingly, this year’s late winter and cold spring have wrought havoc on the sale of fishing licenses. Simply put, people stayed away from the lakes and rivers when the weather was bad.

As of June 14, anglers in Minnesota had bought 591,864 fishing licenses in the state, which is 17 percent fewer than the 713,744 that had been sold on June 15, 2012.

It’s true that sales remain depressed. But consider that as of the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, license sales were off by 26 percent. The weather has been somewhat better since then, and the bite, and people, have responded.

While I have a hard time believing we’ll make up as much ground as we need to sell as many licenses as last year, at least we’re moving in the right direction.

In terms of licenses, the biggest lag from last year is in resident individual licenses. Those are off 23 percent. Individual nonresident angling licenses are down 15 percent. So with some nice weather and a continued good bite, maybe we’ll see some of those folks who buy resident licenses getting out on the water.

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