Controlled hunt process leaves a bad taste in the mouth

Steve PollickExcuse me, but I won’t be applying for a controlled deer hunt this year at the NASA Plum Brook Station at Sandusky. The mere application process all but brands me as a suspected felon or terrorist.

If you haven’t checked yet, along with all the other lottery red tape you have to go through with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, you now will — if you are one of the so-called lucky hunters to be chosen for the shoots — have to be fingerprinted at your expense, this as part of a deep background check by the FBI, and then file an indemnity and release form for NASA. The NASA “special instructions” bulletin alone on the controlled hunt application site is six pages long with 27 major citations. Doesn’t that make you feel special?

So, you pony up for general hunting permit, $19, a $24 deer permit, $3 lottery application, fingerprinting fee of $34 (at BCI), and $18 for NASA’s fee. Ninety-eight bucks to shoot a deer in an overgrown pen and treated like a prospective terrorist.

A note on the wildlife division’s information sheet offers the official explanation for all this:

“Due to changes in NASA's security requirements, some changes have been made to the above hunts. All hunters have to submit fingerprints along with the background check forms.  This has created many challenges that NASA, the DOW and Wildlife Services have tried to overcome to facilitate the hunt process.  Because of this process and the potential length of time it may take, the first two hunt dates have been rescheduled.  The Oct. 20 date has been moved to Nov. 17 and the Nov. 3 date has been moved to Jan. 5.  Hunters drawn for these hunts will be notified of the changes by mail and email or telephone. Thank you for your patience with this process.”

Uh huh. This is just more of the overreaching silliness that has become to be known as homeland security. Just like all those expensive government go-fast boats on Lake Erie that are sure to protect us from the next wave of terrorists just slavering on the Ontario shoreline for a chance to cross the lake and wreak havoc.

It’s all a sad joke, ultimately part of the typical political solution to a problem — throw money at it, create more and bigger bureaucracies. While real terrorists and criminals laugh and flaunt. Like Ohio deer hunters are not already vetted in terms of security — driver’s license, hunting license, proof of hunter education, social security number, etc. etc. etc.

No thanks. This kind of nonsense has gone over the top. I don’t care if the herd eats every last leaf and blade of vegetation on Plum Brook Station. I am not going to be treated like a dangerous suspect, at my own expense, to kill one of their deer.

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