Young bucks will begin roaming Illinois

Keri ButtIt’s really kind of sad when you come across the scene many of us are witnessing right now. But, nature isn’t always full of warm fuzzies and sunshine.

That said, try telling that to all the displaced yearlings, especially last season’s buck fawns, running around with seemingly no place to call home. Yep, mama has kicked them to the curb, so to speak. In the whitetail’s world, come late spring male siblings are no longer welcome and as does prepare to give birth to this year’s offspring, they’ll send their sons off on their merry way to find homes of their own.

Hey, why couldn’t my mom have done that to my brother when I was a little girl?

Not to worry, though. These guys won’t stay traumatized for long. It’s simply nature’s intended way to prevent inbreeding among siblings. More than likely, they’ll be taken in by a bachelor group where they’ll become part of a soon to be established hierarchy for the most prized part of the year for both deer and hunters-the rut. The dominance role in bachelor groups that form during the spring and summer months are indeed prevalent, but come fall, as “Sweet November” approaches, their tolerance of each other will become as distant as the day their mother kicked them out and locked the door.

So, as the temps warm and the foliage becomes lush; seeing yearling bucks roaming what appears to be aimlessly, should just be a reminder that all is well and exactly as it should be in the deer woods!

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