Central Ohio Fishing Report – May 24th, 2013

Alum Creek Lake (Delaware County)

This 3,192-acre lake north of Columbus is a good bet for crappies, white bass, and channel catfish now. Fishing jigs and minnows suspended by a float around woody cover in the upper end of the lake and in coves is a good way to catch crappies. Crappies must be nine inches or longer to keep. Use minnows, jigs, and small spinners in the upper end of the lake north of Howard Road when seeking white bass. White bass are also available in the creek itself, at Kilbourne. The area above Howard Road has good numbers of channel catfish; use cut shad for best results.

Rush Creek Lake (Fairfield County)

Fish this small, secluded lake northeast of Lancaster for crappies, largemouth bass, and channel catfish.  Crappies are located around woody structure. Try using minnows or crappie jigs suspended under a bobber for the best success. As water temperatures warm, fish will move into shallower water. Largemouth bass can be caught using creature and tube baits around woody stickups. For catfish, fish the east end of the lake around woody cover using nightcrawlers and cut bait.  Outboard motors are limited to 10 horsepower or less.

Indian Lake (Logan County)

Saugeyes are being caught on wind-swept points and channel openings with current at this 5,040-acre lake in Logan County. Try casting or trolling small rattletraps and suspending crankbaits. Largemouth bass fishing is popular along the many stone riprap areas, docks, and islands.  Fishing the lily pads can be rewarding this time of year. Many bass are in the 12- to 18-inch size range and are in shallow water. Crappies and white bass fishing can both be good during May. Minnows are the most popular choice for live bait. Channel catfish fishing should be picking up as the water warms.

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