Illinois Cuffs & Collars – May 17th, 2013

Region I

A District 6 CPO was called to the scene of a pollution incident in Loves Park. During the investigation, the CPO was informed that a local business owner had used a Bobcat loader to crush a vehicle gas tank in the business parking lot. While doing so, it is believed that a significant amount of gasoline was spilled into a nearby concrete, flood control drainage system which drains into the Rock River. IEPA was notified and is expected to file charges against the owner of the business.
A District 6 CPO was notified by a Rock Cut State Park employee of the discovery of a large bag of suspected cannabis. The employee was conducting maintenance within the park when he discovered the bag. The CPO conducted a search of the area where the drugs were found and discovered a second bag containing suspected cannabis. The bag’s contents were wet and frozen from being exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time, so an exact weight was not known. A presumptive presence cannabis test was conducted for the presence of cannabis, which resulted in a positive indication. Illinois State Police were contacted and met with the CPO. The drugs were found to be “Root Ball,” the unusable portion of cannabis production. No arrests have been made.
A CPO checked fishing licenses of Knox and McDonough County fishermen. Impoundments patrolled included Snakeden Hollow Lake McMaster, Buffalo Pheasant Habitat Area Lake, Lake Storey, Lake Rice, Spring Lake, Citizen’s Lake and Argyle Lake. Two written warnings were issued for fishing without permission of the landowner at Lake Rice, Soengataha Country Club. A written warning was issued to a teenage fisherman for fishing without a valid fishing license.
In an ongoing boat dealer investigation, a District 7 CPO issued two written warnings to the president of the corporation for failure to apply for registration/title for boats sold during 2012. Two written warnings were also issued for failure to surrender a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin for boats delivered out of state. The company is trying to complete orders for over 30 customers which were made by its former salesman. While trying to avoid bankruptcy, the company is gearing up to manufacture and deliver over $160,000 in pre-paid boat sales. The investigation is ongoing and the owners are cooperating with investigating agencies.
A CPO in Henderson County responded to a report of an illegal gathering in a state park. A large group of individuals had accessed the park for a private/public gathering on Easter Sunday. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A District 1 CPO responded to a reported fish kill on the Mississippi River near Campbell’s Island in East Moline. The CPO had previously heard on the local news the previous night a similar fish kill had been reported on the Iowa side of the river. Once there, the CPO observed several dead, very large gizzard shad floating at the surface near the shore line. The fisheries biologist said this is a natural occurrence after long cold winters and it would be common for people in the area to see these dead fish along the shoreline.
A District 6 CPO observed two bank fishermen on the Illinois River. After observing them for approximately 20 minutes making several casts during that time frame, the officer made contact. Both fishermen denied fishing even though there were poles on the bank with lines in the water next to them. After the officer informed them he had observed them, they still tried to deny they were fishing. Two citations were issued.
A District 6 CPO conducted several compliance checks of walleye and sauger fishermen on the Illinois River. No fishing violations were found, but several boat equipment violations were noted. Enforcement action was taken.
While on patrol at Rock Cut State Park, two District 6 CPOs received a complaint of a possible suicidal subject. A search of the park was conducted and the suicidal subject was located. During the investigation, the CPO discovered that the man had made threats to harm himself. The CPOs offered to transport the man to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The man agreed to a consensual committal and was transported to the hospital.
A CPO again checked fishing licenses of Knox and McDonough County fishermen. Impoundments patrolled included Snakeden Hollow Lake McMaster, Buffalo Pheasant Habitat Area Lake, Lake Storey, Lake Rice, Spring Lake and Argyle Lake. A written warning was issued to a fisherman for no valid fishing licenses.

Region II

No reports.

Region III

A CPO and CPOT were checking fishermen at the spillway on Clinton Lake. When the CPOT asked one of the fisherman for his license, he stated that he left it at home. After running his information, it was found that he was a registered sexually violent predator. When asked about his status, he stated that he was informed that he was to stay out of parks. The CPOT advised him that all of the area around Clinton Lake is considered a public area that is off limits to him. The case is being referred to the DeWitt County State’s Attorney's office.
While checking shore fishermen at Clinton Lake, a CPO and CPOT encountered a fisherman with short crappies. The fisherman stated that he measured all of his fish, but that one must have slipped by. A citation was issued.
A CPO and CPOT took a report of criminal damage at the West Side shelter at Clinton Lake. Upon investigation it was found that vandals spray painted graffiti on four walls of the shelter. The case is under investigation.
A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for DUI in Mclean County. The arrest was made in response to an ISPERN called in north of Farmer City. The subject was also cited for improper lane usage, no valid driver's license and depositing material upon a highway.
A CPO assisted Clark County Sheriff’s Office by returning to Martinsville where a Clark County deputy had just arrested a man for domestic battery. While transporting the offender to jail, the offender’s son, a Martinsville man, battered a woman in the same house. A CPO arrested the man on domestic battery charge.
A CPO stopped a car in Clark County that was being operated by a driver with a revoked license. A passenger was on supervised parole and was in possession of a controlled substance and $1,500 bundled in 15 $100 bundles. The man who is not working was not able to account for where the cash came from. The cash and drugs were seized to be analyzed by the ISP Crime Lab. The driver, a Robinson man, was cited for driving while revoked.
CPOs, while patrolling Shelby County, stopped a car without any registration driven by a Windsor man. The man had been previously cited for no valid registration weeks earlier in the same car. The man was again cited for no valid registration.
A CPO and CPOT spotted a white Jeep Cherokee along a farm field road just south of I-72 in Macon County. The vehicle was not known to be a “normal” vehicle in that area so the CPOT drove down the mud-filled farm road where a suspicious vehicle stop was made. Three young males (from 18 to 21) were inside the vehicle and claimed to be trying to find out where this “road” led and if they could get through from one point to the other. The smell of burnt cannabis was immediately detected by the CPOT and CPO, and further investigation found one of the passengers to be in possession of cannabis under 2.5 grams and paraphernalia. The driver was found to have a pipe in his pants pocket and a later search of his vehicle by CPOT resulted in a find of a small baggy containing approximately 20 grams of cannabis. Two of the subjects were charged with criminal possession of cannabis along with a written warning for the driver for trespassing on property. All three subjects were from the Decatur area and later admitted to just wanting to go out “mudding” and smoke.

Region IV

A CPO conducted an investigation of a hunting accident. After the investigation it was determined the subject accidently shot himself in foot while coyote hunting. The firearm’s safety was off.
A CPO conducted an investigation of two teens who used an ATV to run down and kill white-tailed fawns. As a result of the investigation, the two teens were arrested.
District 10 CPOs completed numerous administrative investigations, which resulted in citations and seizure of several deer racks and archery equipment: A Mason County subject was cited for unlawful possession /use of another person’s permit; a Mason County subject was arrested for unlawful taking/possession of an 8-point buck; a subject was arrested for unlawful taking of a white-tailed fawn; a Menard County subject was arrested for unlawful take of a doe during closed season (late winter season); a Sangamon County subject was arrested for the unlawful take of an 8-point buck during the late winter firearm deer season.
A District 13 CPO wrote two written warnings to a subject in a kayak at Horseshoe Lake State Park for two violations of the Boat Code.
A District 13 CPO reported the following dispositions: A Litchfield resident plead guilty to the following charges: unlawfully hunting without permission of landowner. Ordered by the court to pay $467, including court costs; unlawfully hunting without a Habitat Stamp. Ordered by the court to pay $120 including court costs; unlawfully archery deer hunting without a permit. Ordered by the court to pay $467, including court costs. Another Litchfield resident involved with this case pled guilty and paid a $120 fine including court costs on the charge of accessory to unlawfully failing to tag deer immediately upon kill.

Region V

A CPO arrested a subject on a warrant in Carbondale for failure to pay on a charge of public urination. This was a city of Carbondale charge which the subject “forgot” to pay his fine. The CPO transported the subject to the Jackson County jail to await his $277.40 bond.
Lake Murphysboro State Park personnel observed a subject driving off-road at the Kinkaid Spillway doing a little “mudding.” The subjects and others in a parked truck which was also covered in mud stayed at the Spillway until the CPO arrived. The driver of the vehicle observed mudding and the driver of the pick-up truck both admitted to off-roading at this site and were ticketed. The subjects told the CPO that more of their friends were coming with other vehicles to engage in the same activity.
A CPO conducted sportfishing and boating patrols in Pyramid State Park and Perry County. Several violations were noted as a result of the patrol.
A district sergeant and CPO assisted the Jackson County sheriff in looking for a missing man at the Kinkaid Lake Hunting Area. The man went looking for mushrooms and did not return to his vehicle. A search was conducted that night without success. The following day the man was located by a private helicopter near his hunting stand. The man had suffered a reaction to medication he was taking. He was transported to a hospital and treated. ATVs and foot patrols were used to locate and transport the man from the woods.
A District 15 CPO reported the following case dispositions: six subjects charged in Effingham County for deer permit violations pleaded guilty and paid fines of $1,000; four subjects charged in Fayette County for deer hunting with no permits, transporting loaded firearms in vehicles, and failure to tag deer paid fines totaling $1,522; a Fayette County hunter charged with using another’s deer permit paid a fine of $792.

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