Walleye limits when fishing Oahe and other waters of South Dakota

PIERRE, S.D. – Anglers targeting walleye on one of South Dakota’s most popular walleye fisheries will be met with new walleye regulations in 2013.  In response to a large number of smaller walleyes produced during the last few years and low food availability stemming from the 2011 flood, anglers are now allowed a daily limit of eight walleye.  No more than four may be 15 inches in length or longer and the daily limit may include no more than one 20 inches or longer. The possession limit for Lake Oahe is 24 per angler.

If you are fishing Oahe and another water during the same day, the first four walleye you keep count as your standard, statewide daily limit.  You can’t keep walleye from another water if you have already kept four or more walleyes from Lake Oahe that day. Any walleye caught and kept that day, in addition to your standard statewide four-fish limit, must be from Lake Oahe.

Anglers may have up to 24 walleyes from Lake Oahe, in possession, taken according to the daily limit.  The possession limit accrues at the rate of eight walleyes a day and 24 walleyes may not be possessed from Lake Oahe until after the third day of fishing. Anglers may possess an additional eight walleyes provided they are taken according to the daily limit from waters other than Lake Oahe.

For additional information on fisheries regulations, please see the 2013 Fishing Handbook at: http://gfp.sd.gov/fishing-boating/rules-regs.aspx.

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