Fish saltwater fish with your freshwater gear

Dan DurbinOcean fishing.  A lot of people think it’s reserved for deep blue water and fancy center console rigs that can take on 10-footers.  Sure, that can be the case, but it doesn’t have to be, if you don’t want it to be.

Midwest anglers can have a hell of a time fishing salty water with the same gear we use for bass, walleyes, and muskies.  You just have to fish shallow water, and key in on mangroves, where almost all-things-salty swim, if you do it at the right time of year and with the right presentations.

Take, for instance, a trip I took recently with my dad, Phil, down near Englewood in Florida.  We were armed with spinning gear, 12-pound fluorocarbon, and baits that freshwater bass and walleye anglers already have in their boxes to make things happen.

Go at the right time of year, fish with the right bait, and stick to waters that won’t ground you, and even a Cheesehead can have a spectacular salty time.

The fish bite hard.  They run like a steroid-infested running back.  They fight like a MMA cage fighter.  And all you have to do is employ many of the same tactics you already know.

And you can do it for about the same price you would tally on a good trip to Canada without the border patrol making sure you don’t have too much beer in the  trunk.

Over the next few blogs I’ll tell you how.

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