Turkey bowhunting tactics: tiny gobbler vitals

Tony PetersonOf all of the different species of game that I’ve bowhunted, turkeys are by far the hardest for me to hit well. This is due in part to an embarrassing affliction that causes me to fall apart much worse than the typical case of buck fever, but also because turkeys offer such a small vital area.

 And they never seem to stop moving.

Turkeys offer a small vital area and are constantly on the move. If you’re in the market for body shooting with a bow, it’s best to practice plenty with a turkey target and study the anatomy of turkeys to know exactly where to aim.If you’re going to bowhunt turkeys it’s necessary to understand where to aim. If you’re not using a head-lopping broadhead, it’s important to think about the center of a turkey. If you’ve ever cleaned a gobbler you know that most of the important organs sit smack-dab in the middle of the turkey starting at just above the hip joints and ending about two inches below the wing butt. You can get lucky by hitting other spots, but that area is the best.

Thinking about that sweet spot is easy enough until you realize a turkey has a good chance of moving in any and all directions and also may be in full or semi-strut. Just like the shot angles involved while archery hunting deer and other big game, it is a good idea to train your brain through target practice on just where to aim. I’ve got a 3-D turkey target that I practice on before turkey season that I can spin to offer 360 degrees of shot angles. Here's hoping it will help me hold things together this spring.

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