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Jerry DavisThere were more than 90,000 spring turkey permits left after the usual drawing of those hunters who applied.

Hunters who have purchased a turkey hunting license may now purchase one extra permit per day from those that remain.  The cost is a mere $10; $15 for nonresidents.

While there may not be 90,000 reasons to consider purchasing an additional permit, or more, there are several good reasons.

Maybe you forgot to apply to be in the drawing, or maybe you have reconsidered since the Dec. 10 deadline and would like to hunt turkeys during one of the later time periods this spring.

There are more turkeys in many areas this spring than there have been during some recent springs.  More is better, at least during a hunting season.

Spring is late in arriving this year.  What will a later spring do to the mating ritual of these wild turkeys?  Delay it?  Stretch it out some?  In other words, which are likely to be the best hunting period or periods?

Normal fluctuations in the spring weather being sunny, or  warm, or cool, raining, or dry, or humid all play into hunters’ desire to hunt and turkeys’ desire to come to hunters’ calling to the birds.

So why take that chance?  The $10 for an extra permit for one of the later time periods might be the  difference between having a successful season and going into the summer with a chip on your shoulder toward turkey hunting in general.

Since the hunting periods are now all Wednesday through Tuesday, seven full days, some hunters even stock up on permits during a particular week during a vacation.

That’s not to say that a hunter could kill a bird three days in a row during Period F, in Zone 1, but stranger things have happened with these sometimes fickle fowl.

Turkey hunting is a wonderful opportunity, even though it’s not favored by every hunter.  But for those who enough the activity, or simply enjoy being outdoors in spring, or like carrying a shotgun and turkey calls along with a morel bag, give yourself an extra opportunity to take a turkey or two this year.

Who knows, maybe it will catch on and you’ll reconsider that bad taste you have for fall turkey hunting, too.

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