The best days to hunt for white-tailed deer sheds

Tony PetersonI’ve just returned from north-central Wisconsin where a buddy and I pulled the last stands of the year and cut some trails in preparation for this fall. It rained intermittently throughout the day thoroughly soaking us and nearly creating the perfect shed-hunting conditions.

If it wasn’t for a recent snowfall that brought 10 inches or so of shed-covering snowpack, we would have abandoned our labor early and scoured the ground for cast antlers. It might seem strange to consider “good” hunting conditions for antlers, however, over the years that’s exactly what I’ve come to find although as a side note, any time you get to walk through the woods is worth it. However, if you’re time is limited and you’ve got your heart set on finding a matched set, consider when you plan to shed hunt.

Late-March is my favorite time to look for antlers for a couple of reasons. The first is that we usually get some decent days to melt the snow and expose antlers. The second is that it’s likely you’ll get overcast skies and the occasional light rain that often accompanies cloud cover. A lack of shadows and the way an antler will glisten with light rain offer up the perfect combo for spotting them. Top that off with the fact that rainy weather can keep others out of the woods, and it’s win – win – win.

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