New Outboards & Trolling Motors for Open Water 2013

Modern boaters will appreciate the quieter, more fuel-efficient outboard motors on the market this year. Here’s a look at some of the offerings from top manufacturers for open water 2013.


Suzuki is offering two new Next Generation models to its line of world-class four-stroke outboard motors, the DF15A and the all-new DF20A.

The models are the first in this class to feature electronic fuel injection without the need for battery power. Boaters can now enjoy the benefits of fuel injection, including easier starts, more responsive acceleration and smoother performance, without the added weight and complications of a battery.

Fuel injection system components (high-pressure fuel pump, throttle body and small fuel cooler, vapor separator and fuel injector) have been completely redesigned to be as compact and lightweight as possible. The Electronic Control Module was designed to operate without auxiliary battery power, while still delivering complete fuel system monitoring and control.

To further enhance the performance of these new models, both feature Suzuki proven Lean Burn Control System which monitors engine operating conditions to predict and deliver the most efficient fuel/air mixture which results in noticeable improvements in fuel economy over the entire operating range.

With all these enhanced features, the Suzuki DF15A and DF20A weigh just 97 pounds (for short shaft/manual start models) making these outboards the lightest in class.


The new 150-horsepower four-stroke by Mercury is among the lightest, toughest, and smallest in the world and delivers loads of torque at a stress level that will ensure higher durability than other outboards.

It weighs just 454 pounds and has less parts than leading competitors (up to 18 percent). This smaller design and a lighter weight reduces the overall package weight of the boat, which, depending on the hull, will improve performance and efficiency.

The 150 FourStroke incorporates an exclusive and unique Focused Mount System that is 22 percent heavier and tougher than competitors. Also, upper mounts are at a wider, 45-degree angle from the engine's center of gravity, and in a location where they can operate under ambient temperature conditions rather than under the higher heat radiating from the powerhead area.

Placing the mounts farther away from the powerhead significantly reduces mount temperature and increases mount durability. Angling the mounts also reduces vibration transmitted to the boat, which means a more pleasurable boating experience all around.


At just 487 pounds, Yamaha’s new F200 four-stroke is lightweight, compact, quick, powerful and efficient – perfect for a wide range of boating lifestyles. In fact, it’s up to 119 pounds lighter than Yamaha’s V6 F200, and just 14 pounds heavier than Yamaha’s two-stroke Z200 HPDI outboard and has the most favorable power-to-weight ratio of any four-stroke 200-horse outboard.

A 2.8-liter, 16-valve, dual-overhead camshaft powerhead is responsive with a valve train design that’s cutting edge, yet proven by millions of hours of use. It’s also equipped with Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing System which helps deliver quick acceleration and a strong midrange punch.

Also new is the 150 horsepower four-stroke that boasts the kind of torque curve and hole shot that bass boaters demand. You get all the gas-sipping, quiet advantages of a four-stroke with the power people have come to expect from a two-stoke.


The new E-Tech 250 has multiple upgrades from their standard 250 and is tuned for both power and speed. A SLE (Straight Leading Edge) gearcase has nose-cone pick-ups that significantly increases water flow to the engine and provides increased cooling ability and capacity. Standard are high-quality gears with super pure, extra-tough metallurgy and stiffer engine mounts, for superior handling and control at high speeds.

Weekend boaters will appreciate no maintenance for three years, 300 hours with no inspections or adjustments, no changing gearcase lube and no spring tune-ups.

The motor has hundreds of less parts than most four-strokes and no valves, belts, camshafts or pulleys to adjust or replace. You also get Auto storage – the engine fogs itself automatically in minutes, with no trip to the dealer.

What’s new in trolling motors?

Minn Kota

The i-Pilot Link allows Minn Kota trolling motors to communicate with Humminbird fishfinders and LakeMaster digital GPS maps – opening up a new universe of navigation capabilities. The integrated system delivers automatic boat control and the ability to store and revisit your best fishing spots. Plus, you can take control from your Humminbird or the full-color LCD screen on the Link remote.

The i-Pilot Link is compatible with Minn Kota Terrova and PowerDrive V2 bow-mount trolling motors.



The new X3 bow-mount offers a classic hand-operated control with five speeds forward and two reverse with a choices of 45 and 55-pound thrust. The aluminum shaft and aluminum and steel lower unit construction combine to make the X3 a strong, durable and dependable motor. The new X3 is paired with the revolutionary Gator Flex 360 mount for a winning combination of durability and value.


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