Northern Wisconsin Fishing Report – December 14th, 2012


The muzzleloader season saw OK weather conditions for hunting, with snow cover being found across the area. Ice fishing on some smaller inland lakes has started, with ice conditions being iffy at best. Swans and other waterfowl still are holding on the open waters of Lake Superior.
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Ice had been about 3 inches on most lakes – except for Trout – early last week, but conditions changed and the ice disappeared. The forecast called for temperatures into the teens late last week. If there is no wind, that will create some ice. By late last week, ice had started forming on smaller lakes once again. No one has been fishing open water for walleyes or panfish.
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Guys were fishing on Marshmiller, Chetek, Glenlock, and even Cornell last week, and there were a few boats still on Lake Wissota with anglers in search of walleyes, but no one is saying much about the catching. Shore anglers were catching a lot of 10- to 14-inch walleyes at the Forest Street city garages. The size limit for walleyes below the Dells hydro dam is 15 inches.
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Ice started forming again late last week and fishermen should be able to find “walkable” ice and good fishing action by this weekend.
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Ice conditions were kind of touch and go last week, but most of the lakes were making ice. The forecast is for colder overnight lows, so fishable ice shouldn’t be too far off.
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In Oconto County, perch are still biting, with minnows being the preferred bait. Perch anglers were having success from shore and by boat on the Oconto River at the Oconto boat landing. With the warm weather, few muzzleloader hunters were out and deer movement during the day seem to be down. Large numbers of migrating Canada geese have been seen on the Oconto River between Oconto and Stiles. Most inland bodies of water are still ice-free.
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Rain and warm temps put a kibosh to the early ice-fishing season. Lakes that had froze over opened back up. By late last week, cold overnight lows and low winds had allowed ice to start forming once again. What little ice fishing did occur earlier was good. Walleyes, some pike, and bluegills provided good action.
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With the end of the muskie-fishing season on Nov. 30, the open-water fishing season basically came to an end in the Price County area. Many of the medium-sized lakes saw the start of ice cover in late November, but the mild weather caused much of that ice to weaken or disappear. Lower nighttime temperatures last week added some thickness to the ice, so there should be some “fishable” ice this weekend.
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Muzzleloader hunters were not having much success harvesting deer. Hunters also stated seeing low numbers of deer during the regular gun deer-hunting season.
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There were a few people ice fishing on smaller lakes and bays in late November, but that ended during the warm weather. Very few hunters were out during the muzzleloader season, and there seemed to be even less interest in the four-day antlerless season.
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