Illinois Cuffs & Collars – November 29th, 2012

Region I

A CPO investigated a hunting accident involving a subject hunting from a climbing deer stand. The subject adjusted his chains upon reaching his hunting level. Prior to climbing down, the hunter had to re-adjust his chains. After the final adjustment, the hunter tested his stand and found he did not properly secure the top chain. The hunter fell to the ground from approximately 15 feet and sustained a serious spinal injury.
A CPO received information a deer had been dumped in a garbage dumpster. Responding to the complaint, he found there were three deer in the dumpster. Digging through the dumpster, the CPO located an old deer tag. The following investigation yielded two subjects who killed bucks and did not properly tag or register the deer. The subjects admitted to wanting to kill more than two bucks. The deer were seized and citations issued.
CPOs and a district sergeant were called to a hunting accident. A site technician at Shabbona State Park located a deceased male that apparently fell out of a treestand while archery hunting deer. Illinois State Police crime scene investigators processed the scene, and the deceased hunter was removed by the Dekalb County Coroner’s office. An investigation of the scene showed that the bottom of the deer stand was not completely secured against shifting. The stand was able to be shifted (side to side) between 6 and 8 inches. The hunter was not wearing a safety harness.
A CPO was notified by an off-duty CPO to make contact with two hunters who observed a deer acting strangely and then dropped dead. The hunters inspected the deer thinking it may have been shot, but did not see any sign that it was hunted. The CPO (with instruction from a DNR biologist) removed the spleen and also the head of the deer so it can be tested for EHD or CWD. The results of the testing are pending.
A subject was unlawfully climbing in Lonetree Canyon and fell about 30-40 feet off the sandstone ledge. The CPO was the first responder to the scene and the subject had to be taken by Utica Fire Department down to the river where Ottawa River Rescue took him to a meeting point and LifeFlight Helicopter flew him to Peoria OSF Medical Center. Citations for Unlawful Climbing and Unlawful Entry into Restricted Area (off trails) are pending.
A CPO was checking shore fishermen for compliance to the act in Boone County when he came upon a man fishing in Candlewick Association Lake fishing without a license. A computer check of the subject’s information revealed the man to be a recent parolee, armed and dangerous, and wanted on a felony arrest warrant for unlawful possession of cannabis. The subject was taken into custody without incident by the CPO and then transported to the Boone County Jail in lieu of bond. Once at the jail, the man was charged for the fishing license violation.
A CPO in Winnebago County received a dumping complaint in a flood plain along the Rock River. Charges and court ordered cleanup are pending state’s attorney’s authorization.
While checking archery deer hunters in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO discovered a subject to be hunting over salt and mineral blocks he had placed approximately 20 yards in front of his stand. The subject was issued a citation for hunting deer by use/aid of bait and a warning for feeding deer.
While checking an archery deer hunter in Lowden Miller State Forest, a District 1 CPO discovered the hunter to have all required permits but no hunting license and habitat stamp. While talking to the hunter, it was learned he was a first-time hunter and had just taken his safety class in August. The hunter thought his hunter safety card was his hunting license. The CPO educated the hunter to the law and took enforcement action.
A CPO received two complaints of deer hunting over bait on state sites. At Spoon River State Forest, after determining the location, a hunter was found in a deer stand overlooking a salt block. He was issued a citation for deer hunting with the use of bait. At Argyle Lake State Park, a location was found where a hunter had deposited two granular materials on the ground and had also cut down several small trees clearing a shooting lane. No hunter was found, but the area will continue to be checked.
Several deer hunters were checked during the youth firearms deer season by a CPO at Spoon River State Forest. Two subjects were issued written warnings for failure to wear proper blaze orange during a firearm deer season. Two non-resident hunters were found to be archery hunting without purchasing a hunting license. They claimed that the local Wal-Mart had sold them habitat stamps and an additional antlerless only deer permit instead of their hunting licenses they had requested. One of the two had also harvested a 9-point buck. He had called in his kill and obtained a confirmation number, but had failed to place the leg tag on the deer as required. Both subjects were issued written warnings for the hunting license violation and instructed to purchase their non-resident license on the way back to the hotel. A citation was issued for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill. The deer was tagged after being photographed.

Region II

Several complaints of illegal dumping were received from site workers at Goose Lake Prairie State Park. The site workers advised that on three separate occasions someone had dumped multiple items, including several boxes of tissues and empty bottles of hard liquor, along the roadway at the state park. On one occasion, items of mail were located in the dump sites. After completing paperwork at the district office on a later date, a CPO observed approximately 2-mile stretch of the park roadway covered with hundreds of tissues. As he left the park, he observed a single vehicle following him out of the park. After exiting the area, the vehicle began approaching at a speed of 73 mph in a 55- mph zone. The CPO stopped the vehicle and upon approaching the driver, observed several tissue boxes and an opened bottle of vodka in the passenger seat. After a short interview, the subject admitted to illegally dumping on the state property on multiple occasions. A call to the site superintendent confirmed the mail recovered from previous dump sites was that of the driver.
A CPO received a complaint of a Will County resident leasing hunting property in Champaign County that he foreclosed on in 2010. Three separate groups of hunters were caught on the property by people who were granted hunting rights by the current landowner. Each of the three groups presented signed, written leases provided by the previous landowner. CPOs worked together on the case and interviews were conducted with the previous landowner and two of the subjects who received the fraudulent lease. The investigation revealed the previous owner of the 175-acre property still owned a 15-acre piece of land bordering the large acreage. He deceived the leasers into thinking they were leasing the entire property he previously owned, despite only legally leasing the 15 acres. Email transactions and area photos provided by the leasers along with interviews resulted in the arrest of the subject for deceptive practices (Class A misdemeanor).

Region III

A CPO is investigating a fatal boat accident  on Lake Vermilion near Danville. Witnesses observed an empty boat circling and then observed an unconscious subject floating in the water near shore. The victim was a participant in a club bass tournament fishing Lake Vermilion.
A CPO made an arrest of a male subject during the youth firearms season in Champaign County. The subject was found to be in possession of an untagged deer. The subject also was transporting an uncased bow in a vehicle, hunting without a habitat stamp and not wearing blaze orange. The subject was issued one citation and three written warnings.
A CPO arrested a Casey man who had harvested a buck but recorded it as a doe due to it being a small buck. The man was cited for unlawful use of an antlerless tag.
A CPO arrested a Decatur man archery hunting deer on the Shelbyville WMA in Moultrie County without any deer permits.
A CPO cited a Paris man for fishing without a fishing license at Twin Lakes in Paris. The CPO noted the man was alone and told the man, whose drivers license was suspended, not to drive a car. Shortly after leaving the CPO saw the man driving a car. The CPO stopped the man for Driving While Suspended and located prescription pills in the car which the man did not have a prescription for. The CPO arrested and transported the man to the Edgar County Jail.
A CPO issued citations to subjects on Lake Evergreen in McLean County for the taking of short fish. The subjects tried throwing the short fish before he reached them but failed to get rid of all the illegal fish.

Region IV

While checking a group of three dove hunters, a CPO found two of the hunters to have more than three shells in their shotguns. One hunter did not have a plug in the gun and had five shells in it. The other hunter had a plug in the gun, but had floated a fourth shell in the carriage. Citations were issued.
A CPO patrolled DNR lands and observed two white males fishing Cahokia Canal on the east side of Route 203. Their vehicle was parked in front of the sign stating “No Trespassing, Hunting or Fishing.” Both subjects had valid sport fishing licenses. Asked if they were aware that they could not fish this area without the permission of the landowner, and they stated “no.” One of the males stated that a Fairmont City officer ran them off of one of the canals the previous day. They both received a citation for fishing without the consent of the landowner.
A CPO investigated information related to baited dove fields in St. Clair and Madison counties.
A CPO met with Randolph County Conservation Area Site Superintendent about a harassing phone call which the anonymous call threatened to have a petition signed to have her fired if she does not repair the levees at Kidd Lake Marsh.
A CPO responded to a cougar sighting near Chester. The cougar could not be confirmed.
A CPO responded to an unlawfully dove hunting without permission complaint. Citations were issued to two hunters for unlawfully hunting without permission. Also, one of the subjects did not have a valid hunting license, habitat stamp or HIP number.
A CPO responded to an unlawful operation of an ATV on private property without permission.
A CPO located a manipulated sunflower field and three mowed wheat fields for doves inside the Doza Creek Waterfowl Management Area. The management of these fields unlawfully baited the area for waterfowl.
A CPO received a fishing without permission complaint. Three women decided to fish a strip cut lake which they did not have permission from the landowner before they reached their fishing destination of the World Shooting and Recreational Complex. The three women were issued citations for fishing without permission.
A CPO investigated a trespassing complaint in Bond County south of Sorento. The landowner advised that he had seized a trail camera located on his property. The trail camera overlooked an area baited with “Deer Cane.” Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the individual who placed the trail camera happened to mistakenly allow his picture to be taken. The CPO then tracked down the individual and subsequently arrested him for criminal trespassing and illegally baiting or feeding of wildlife (deer).
A CPO investigated a complaint of two big bucks illegally taken near Scott Air Force Base on Columbus Day morning. The investigation resulted in the seizure of a 14-point deer head taken without a valid archery permit, which was also illegally retrieved from the SAFB complex and failed to be properly checked in by 10 p.m. the day of harvest.

Region V

A CPO cited a hunter in Saline County for hunting deer over bait.
A District 15 CPO settled a dispute between a hunter and an adjacent land owner in Clinton County. The dispute was in reference to hunting near inhabited dwellings.
A CPO cited a Marion County subject for unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer unlawfully taken over bait. The investigation resulted in the seizure of a buck estimated to score over 200 inches. The investigation is continuing.
A CPO cited three subjects for hunting deer by the aid of bait in Jasper County. The three had put out six piles of “Deer Cocaine” and mineral blocks.
CPOs assisted the Jackson, Mo., police on a search for a missing woman. The missing woman had been missing for about a year and her husband was convicted for the offense. The area searched was the Devil’s Island area in Alexander County on the Mississippi River. Low waters prevented the use of sonar since the island was not navigable due to sand bars. Poor weather and winds hampered the search effort but a foot search was held on the north portion of the island by CPOs.
A district sergeant and CPOs used sonar to locate a drowning victim on the Wabash River. The boater had overturned in his canoe and was sucked into a log jam on the river. Sonar was used to locate the victim, however the dangerous conditions of the river would not allow divers to enter the waters. Boats were used to break up the log jam. 
A CPO saw a man in camo clothing washing his hands by a truck next to a garage near Elizabethtown. The CPO pulled in to investigate and discovered two out-of state-hunters had finished processing two deer and neither deer were tagged.  The deer shot the day before was not called in.  Both hunters were cited. 

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