Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – October 26th, 2012

Dillon Lake (Muskingum County)

Throughout the year, the tailwater of this 1,376-acre lake produces excellent fishing opportunities. Anglers can enjoy fishing for largemouth bass with spinnerbaits, Twister Tails and shallow-diving crankbaits. Crappie anglers should try drift fishing with minnows, especially in areas with fallen and submerged trees. For bluegill anglers, a simple wax worm suspended under a bobber should be sufficient. If you’re looking to catch a catfish, try suckers, small bluegills and worms, especially in times when the river is on the rise. 

Jackson Lake (Jackson County)

Check out the old boathouse parking area, as well as the upper shelter house fishing area for great catfishing opportunities. Catfish can normally be caught on chicken livers and nightcrawlers while fishing from shore. The cooler temperatures will start moving the largemouth bass back into shallower water, and fishing success should start to pick up as bass prepare for winter. Spinnerbaits, rubber worms, crankbaits and jig-and-pig combinations can all work well.

Forked Run Lake (Meigs County)

Anglers fishing for bluegills had excellent success recently fishing below the spillway. Bluegills up to 7½ inches were reeled in while fishing wax worms or mealworms under a bobber.

Fox Lake (Athens County)

As the fall temperatures start to cool the water in this 53-acre lake, largemouth bass should start moving into shallow water. Fishing success should start picking up as these fish prepare for winter. Try using spinnerbaits, rubber worms, crankbaits or jig-n-pig combinations fished near shallow structure, such as tree stumps, fallen logs, or even the edges of weedbeds. Anglers should still be able to find some channel catfish as well. Nightcrawlers, chicken livers and prepared catfish baits fished on the bottom all work well. Fox Lake is located approximately four miles west of Athens, and can be accessed from Township Road 29 and Fox Lake Road (County Road 81).

Lake White (Pike County)

Although this 333-acre lake receives lower than average fishing pressure, anglers report excellent catches of crappies and spotted bass throughout the year. Crappies can be caught with minnows and a bobber fished near stumps or brush piles. Spotted bass and largemouth bass can be caught casting using artificial lures like rubber worms, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. With 10 miles of shoreline to fish, try casting near visible structure. The riprap face of the dam and boat docks are also good areas to try. Channel catfish aren’t as abundant as the other species, but fishing chicken livers or nightcrawlers on the bottom might still produce a successful catch. Try fishing the upper end of the lake or where Pee Pee Creek enters the lake. For your best chance at catching channel catfish at this lake, try fishing after a heavy rain or a water rise.

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