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Wisconsin Cuffs & Collars – October 19th, 2012

District 11 — Peshtigo area

Warden Oginski investigated a fatal ATV accident in Middle Inlet. Two 10-year-old boys were traveling at a high speed, failed to stop at a stop sign, and struck a truck.
Warden Oginski worked the duck opener on Lake Noquebay and contacted two hunters who had started shooting more than an hour before legal hours. Two ducks were seized, and enforcement action was taken.
Warden Oginski and supervisor Treml worked Lake Noquebay during the Labor Day weekend and issued numerous warnings, along with a citation for a PWCer towing without an observer.
Warden Meade participated in a jury trial from a boating OWI case. The operator was found guilty of operating a PWC without a life jacket and operating with a prohibited blood-alcohol level. The operator was ordered to attend an alcohol assessment course and retake boating safety in addition to being assessed fines and court costs.
Wardens Stahl and Oginski worked the south duck opener in the Peshtigo harbor area. Several warnings were issued, and one citation was issued for various waterfowl-hunting violations.
Warden Stahl and recruit Lynch located several illegal deer baits (early). On opening day several hunters were contacted. Two were cited and one was warned.
Warden Stahl received a number of complaints about shining after 10 p.m. and shining and shooting deer. He cited one subject for shining late and warned several others.
Warden Schraufnagel located a subject illegally harvesting ginseng on state land. The ginseng was seized, and enforcement action was taken.
Warden Schraufnagel contacted waterfowl hunters after a morning hunt on Pigeon Lake. Violations included no PFDs, overweight canoes, illegal open-water hunting, shooting protected species (grebes), placing decoys more than one hour before opening, and shooting at geese before the season opened. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Schraufnagel investigated a fatal boating accident on Korth Lake. The victim had been fishing and fell out of the boat while attempting to anchor. The victim was not wearing a life jacket.
Warden Horne responded to a call about a landowner on the Embarrass River confronting canoers as they floated on the river past his residence. The landowner took exception and fired rounds from a firearm over the canoers’ heads in an attempt to move them along. The canoers were not sure where they were, and Horne was unable to locate the suspect.
Warden Horne attended the J&H youth and women’s day. About 350 women and kids participated.

District 12 — Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine Unit

Warden Robert Stroess, of Manitowoc, assisted EPA agents with computer forensics work during a federal search warrant.
Warden Stroess received numerous night-hunting and shining complaints. He issued one citation for shining after hours.
Warden Chris Kratcha, of Sturgeon Bay, issued three archery baiting citations in September and investigated numerous illegal bait cases, some of which are still under investigation. The citations were the result of early and/or excess bait.
Regional warden Byron Goetsch, of Green Bay, worked the northern zone duck opener. While water levels were lower than normal, hunters found some success on larger bodies of water.

District 13 — Oshkosh area

Wardens Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, and Tom Truman, of Winneconne, were working early goose hunting when they came upon a group of hunters who had harvested a couple of geese south of Oshkosh. Both subjects failed to validate their tags right away and one of the two validated the wrong date while rushing to validate it after seeing the wardens. Both hunters were cited.
Wardens Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, and Heather Gottschalk, of Wautoma, were checking duck and dove hunters on state land near Oshkosh. One subject did not have HIP certification for hunting migratory birds. Higgins also found that the subject was using lead shot on state land to hunt doves. The subject claimed it was steel and that he had the box in his vehicle to prove it. The subject returned to his vehicle to retrieve a box of lead game load ammo that was identical to what the subject was using in the field. The man then said he got it because it had a dove picture on the box. The subject was cited for the nontoxic shot and warned for failing to be HIP-certified.
Wardens Higgins and Gottschalk worked waterfowl enforcement in an area of past complaints regarding late shooting. They contacted four hunters at closing hours. The subjects removed 15 mallards and three wood ducks from two skiffs and a canoe. Each claimed which ducks were theirs. The wardens saw two mallards under some decoys in one skiff. More searching resulted in three more mallards, making the total number 21 ducks. Two subjects shot an extra mallard, and one subject had lead shot. Citations were issued for overbagging and failing to have the proper number of PFDs.
Warden Higgins attended a pre-trial hearing for a subject who was cited for numerous trapping violations during the spring and winter. The subject initially was cited for trapping without a license, failing to check traps, and trapping during the closed season. The subject entered a plea of no contest and was found guilty of all three charges and was ordered to pay restitution on 100 muskrats. Total charges were approximately $1,800.
Warden Tom Truman, of Oshkosh, and recruit Tom Sturdivant saw an individual in a canoe (with an electric trolling motor) fishing on the Wolf River in the Winneconne area. The canoe capsized. Another boater pulled the occupant from the water and brought the overturned canoe to the landing. The operator of the canoe failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for boating OWI.
Warden Truman and recruit Sturdivant contacted duck hunters in the Poy Sippi area. The hunters had killed two grebes. The hunters thought they were coots. They were cited for the violation.
Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, was in Calumet County when he found two hunters without small-game licenses, two hunters without federal stamps, and one goose hunter with an improperly plugged shotgun. That hunter had a firearms injunction, but had hunted geese with a gun the previous day. This same hunter also was contacted by a sheriff’s deputy for trespassing. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Disher cited two groups of goose hunters for hunting after hours. In addition, two hunters were hunting without Exterior Zone goose permits, one hunter failed to validate his goose permit, two hunters failed to display a small-game licenses, HIP certification, and a state waterfowl stamp, and one hunter failed to display a federal stamp.
Wardens Disher and Alan Erickson, of Fond du Lac, worked the duck opener in Calumet and Fond du Lac counties. Several violations were found, including group bagging of hen mallards, unsigned federal stamps, unplugged shotguns, and hunting without an Exterior Zone goose permit.
Warden Erickson found two illegal treestands on state property. He located the subject hunting the opening day of the archery season with two stands that had been placed five days before the season with screw-in steps and a trail camera without ID displayed. Enforcement action was taken.
Wardens Ben Nadolski, of Waupun, and Paul Nell, of Horicon, on opening day of the squirrel season observed what appeared to be the vehicle of a squirrel hunter parked at a popular public hunting area in Dodge County. The wardens worked the area and saw a hunter run out of the woods to the vehicle and begin unloading the .22 rifle he was carrying. Nadolski contacted the man, who was hunting without a license. The subject was issued a citation for hunting squirrels without a license.
Warden Nadolski observed a man fishing with five baited poles from a boat on Lake Emily. It was the middle of the day in the middle of the week and no one else was at the lake. A citation was issued.
Warden Kyle Kosin, of Campbellsport, responded to a complaint about duck hunters shooting and their BB shot hitting cars and houses across a road. Enforcement action was taken for discharging a firearm  and shooting across a road.
Warden Kyle Kosin, of Campbellsport, checked a group of goose hunters who returned from their hunt and were packing up their trailer. They failed to validate their goose tags, and one subject did not possess a state waterfowl stamp.
Warden Ryan Propson, of Appleton, worked waterfowl enforcement throughout the month of September, issuing citations and warnings for hunting without a small-game license and state waterfowl stamp, hunting after hours, failing to validate a goose permit, and failing to report goose harvest.

District 14 — Sheboygan area

No report available.

District 15 — Milwaukee area

While checking dove hunters in the Vernon Marsh Wildlife Area, warden Sanidas contacted an individual who was hunting with an unplugged gun and using toxic shot on state lands. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Sanidas contacted two archery hunters in the Vernon Marsh Wildlife Area who were not wearing backtags.
While working waterfowl enforcement in the town of Eagle, warden Sanidas observed two hunters shooting at ducks after hunting hours. Sanidas contacted the hunters, and enforcement action was taken.
Warden Zeihen responded to a complaint about a subject hunting ducks during the closed season. The subject was located and found to be in possession of one drake mallard. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Mott was working the Milwaukee River and made contact with a man who was fishing for salmon. The man stated that he was not fishing, but had been seen casting multiple times and then snapping his line that was snagged. The man later admitted to fishing. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Mott observed an individual fishing in Lincoln Park on the Milwaukee River. The individual also was seen emptying his worm container and then throwing it into the river. The man then snapped the line on one of his fishing poles. He took the excess line and threw it on the rocks. The man then was seen urinating in the park. The individual was contacted as he was approaching his vehicle and was found to not have a fishing license due to failed child support, and had a suspended driver’s license. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Mott was working fishing enforcement in Lincoln Park along the Milwaukee River when he observed three individuals fishing under the bridge. There was a cooler that held an undersized snapping turtle and a bluegill next to one of the fishermen. One individual stated he had a license a few years ago, but hadn’t renewed it. Another individual stated he didn’t have a license. While Mott asked for their licenses, the individual on the opposite side of the river put down his fishing pole and then stated he was not fishing when Mott asked for his license. Two individuals stated they caught the turtle by hand because it was bothering their fishing lines. All three were issued citations for fishing without licenses and warned for possession of an undersized snapping turtle.
Warden Mott and Milwaukee police officer Kliest were working on Lake Michigan when they observed two individuals duck hunting. Mott made contact on the water. One individual handed Mott a federal stamp, goose license, and HIP certification, but did not possess his small-game license or a state waterfowl stamp. One firearm had a questionable plug, and multiple boat safety equipment issues were uncovered. A citation was issued, along with several warnings.
Wardens Blankenheim and recruit Caputo received information about a subject selling baby snapping turtles on Craigslist. The seller was a 17-year-old who was warned for illegal sale of native species and possession of undersized snapping turtles.
Wardens Blankenheim and Caputo checked two individuals fishing along a local stream. One had kept a short smallmouth and the other was in possession of 49 bluegills that he had caught. Both individuals were cited.
Warden Groppi issued two citations to two boaters who failed to remove aquatic vegetation from their trailer after being advised of the laws.

District 16 — Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Randy Dunkel, of Racine County, and deputy warden Dustin Gabrielson responded to a spill on I-94. While working goose hunters, Dunkel received a call about a crash that occurred. A truck hit the concrete median and ended up in oncoming traffic on the other side of the interstate. A large amount of gasoline was leaking from the truck. Dunkel worked with multiple agencies to resolve the cleanup issues.
Wardens Mac Hannon, of Kenosha, Sanidas, and Gabrielson investigated a hunting incident that occurred in Walworth County. Four individuals were hunting doves in a rock quarry. While shooting at a dove, a hunter swung on the bird and shot his companion in the bicep. The incident is under investigation.
Warden Mike Hirschboeck, of Racine County, worked opening day of the waterfowl season and issued citations for unplugged guns, overbagging on ducks, and failing to report goose harvest. Hirschboeck also issued warnings for unplugged guns, overbagging on geese, and failing to report a goose harvest.
Warden Kyle Dilley, of Kenosha, coordinated a waterfowl Learn to Hunt event for 10 area youths. Local wardens and members of the Burlington Conservation Club assisted. The 10 hunters bagged 20 ducks and three geese.
Warden Juan Gomez, of Walworth County, assisted with fish-run enforcement on the Pike River in Kenosha. Gomez issued one citation for unattended lines and one for fishing without a license. Gomez assisted Katzenberg with a case of fishing without a Great Lakes stamp. The individual fishing without a license was found to be committing license fraud through the state of Illinois. The individual is a Wisconsin resident who bought resident Illinois licenses.
Wardens Gomez and Jason Roberts worked opening day of the waterfowl season. They issued one citation to an individual for hunting without a goose permit and issued warnings for hunting before hours, no HIP, and no state or federal stamps. Gomez and Roberts also issued a citation to an individual for hunting with no state stamp on Lake Delavan. The individual was warned for not having a federal duck stamp.

District 17 — Madison area

Warden Henry Bauman, of Madison, investigated complaints of an illegal hunting blind placed at Patrick Marsh, and a DNR tip of several dumped goose carcasses on private land near Patrick Marsh in Sun Prairie.
Warden Bauman investigated a complaint of potential panfish overbagging on the Yahara River at Babcock dam in McFarland, and a report of possession of undersized bass at the UW Union Piers on Lake Mendota.
Warden Bauman and deputy warden Jason Rice assisted warden Dave Youngquist, of Spring Green, with investigating a tip of illegal gun deer hunting on Trout Creek in Iowa County. Bauman and Rice also investigated a tip of discharging firearms within 100 yards of a dwelling near Token Creek.
Warden Bauman assisted warden Mike Neal with investigating a boat accident that involved a sailboat collision in Nicolet Bay of Lake Michigan in Door County.
Wardens Mike Dieckhoff, of Janesville, and Rice received several complaints from the Rock County Sheriff’s Department about two hunters in a canoe who were shooting geese in open water on the Rock River. The wardens located the hunters after they had hidden seven geese on shore. The two hunters had three geese in their canoe, and neither had validated their early season goose permits. The hunters were issued citations for hunting waterfowl from open water and also for failure to validate a goose carcass tag.
Warden Ryan Ellifson, of Jefferson, was working near the Rome Pond Wildlife Area. Ten minutes after close, he heard two shots. Two hunters had shot a goose after hours. Two citations were issued for hunting after hours and failure to validate a goose permit.
Warden Nathan Kroeplin, of Madison, worked fishing enforcement in Dane County and issued one citation to an individual who was fishing without a license at Crystal Lake.
Warden Kroeplin worked waterfowl-hunting enforcement, checking areas from Roxbury to Marshall. Kroeplin also gave several presentations, including one on wolf trapping regulations to about 20 students.
Wardens Boyd Richter, of Janesville, and Rice were checking dove hunters near Lima when they received a call about a hunter shooting wood ducks during the closed season. They located one of the dead wood ducks in a sunflower field. The suspect had left, but later was located hunting a different property. One citation was issued for hunting waterfowl during the closed season.
Warden Richter investigated a case of illegal baiting in the Milton area on private land. Richter had located the bait the previous month. Richter interviewed the suspect, who admitted to placing mineral blocks, apples, and corn in front of trail cameras and under treestands. Richter issued citations.

District 18 — Poynette area

Warden John Buss, of Sauk City, received a call from a landowner who had observed shiners on his fields. The landowner heard two shots and tried to stop the suspects, but obtained license plate information. With the help of the Waunakee Police Department, the suspects were located in Waunakee several days later. Three subjects will be charged with multiple counts of shining and shooting deer.
Wardens Dave Horzewski, of Reedsburg, and Roy Zellmer, of Poynette, worked ATV enforcement in the Dutch Hollow Lake area. One ATVer and one UTVer were stopped for violations in that area.
Warden Paul Nadolski, of Portage, assisted Columbia County deputies with a boat accident on Lake Wisconsin. A subject was wake-boarding and broke a leg.
Warden Nadolski and recruit Kruse worked waterfowl hunters in Columbia County and found violations, including unplugged shotguns, no federal stamp, and attempting to overbag. Several fishing and boating violations were found that day, as well.
Warden Paul Nell, of Horicon, and recruit Lynch were working waterfowl hunters on Lake Sinissippi on opening day. The wardens contacted a hunter who had killed a blue-winged teal that had a large hole in it. They found that the hunter had illegal buckshot in his shotgun and that he had shot a buckshot round at the teal. The hunter also had 18 lead shot rounds. Citations were issued, and the teal was seized.
Warden Nell and retired warden John Christian presented a 45-year service award to Horicon hunter safety instructor Jack Williams. Williams has taught more than 2,000 students.
Warden Mike Green, of Wisconsin Dells, worked with supervisor David Holmes, of Portage, on the Lower Dells. Holmes contacted with two individuals and found eight undersized smallmouth bass and walleyes. Citations were issued.
Warden Green and recruit Katzenberg contacted two individuals at a resort filleting undersized smallmouth bass caught on the Wisconsin River. An additional individual was located in a tavern, and citations were issued for possession of undersized fish.

District 19 — Dodgeville area

Wardens Mike Nice, of Richland Center, deputy warden Mike Williams, and warden Cody Adams, of Prairie du Chien, made several ginseng cases in September. One ginseng harvester had picked prior to the season. They seized about 65 wild ginseng roots. They also apprehended two individuals for harvesting ginseng on state land during the closed season and without licenses, and seized 403 ginseng roots. Charges are pending.
Warden Dave Youngquist, of Spring Green, found a deer carcass dumped in the middle of a public hunting area parking lot. The deer was on the box of a new treestand with several cartoon deer drawings and the name of a local resident. Youngquist stopped by the residence and saw the new stand in the garage. The 19-year-old son of the homeowner came out and said he dumped the doe carcass the previous night and that his girlfriend had drawn the pictures on the box with his name.

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