Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Different type of hunter taking to deer woods in Illinois

Shane MalawyWith the archery season in full swing and the deer rut — and ultimately the annual shotgun season — on the horizon, a different genre of hunter is rising to the challenge of the Illinois deer season. Women in southern Illinois are making their mark on what once was accepted as a “boys only” club.

Women have frequently participated in Illinois deer hunts but within the last couple of years, women deer hunters have hit the woods in an increasing number and it seems that a new Illinois tradition is evolving.

As I sat down with a group of ladies on a recent Sunday afternoon, there was no doubt that this particular group was serious about deer and deer hunting. It is quite apparent that deer hunting in Illinois has exploded in popularity with female hunters.

While this particular group of ladies agree that there still are some stereotypes for them to overcome, they left me little doubt that they were willing to meet the challenges from the men, and the deer, head on. Female deer hunters are here to level the playing field and to no surprise, they’ll get it done. Welcome aboard ladies!

See the entire story in the Nov. 2 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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