Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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30 alligators taken in two-weekend permit hunt in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas’s fifth alligator hunt resulted in 30 gators taken by permit holders, including the largest to date. The hunt was Sept. 15-16 and Sept. 22-23.
      Mike Cottingham of Prescott was successful with a 13-foot 3-inch male alligator that was taken on private land in southwest Arkansas. Cottingham’s gator was the largest taken since hunting began in Arkansas.
      Linda Newman of Damascus led the women alligator hunters with her 10-foot 3-inch male, also taken on private land in southwest Arkansas.

The other successful 2012 alligator hunters:
      Travis Meyers, Bradley, 8-foot 4-inch male.
      Will Tompkins (hometown unavailable), 10-foot 7-inch male.
      Charles Bradley, Royal, 12-foot 1-inch male.
      Milton Smith, Texarkana, 10-foot 11-inch male.
      Brenda Smith, Ward, 7-foot 11-inch male.
      Steve Mullins (hometown unavailable), 10-foot 5-inch male.
      Alfred House, Ashdown, 5-foot 7-inch female.
      Tom Wingard, (hometown unavailable), 9-foot 10.5-inch male.
      Greg Hillis, Pickens, 9-foot 8.5-inch male.
      Brad Milligan, Wynne, 7-foot 9-inch male.
      Harold Smith (hometown unavailable), 9-foot female.
      William Pruss, Conway, 5-foot 6-inch male.
      Donnie Edwards, Lake Village, 7-foot 7.5-inch female.
      Patrick Murray, Little Rock, 12-foot male.
      John Baxter (hometown unavailable), 11- foot 4-inch male.
      Wes Wright, Marble Falls, 6-foot 8.5 inch female.
      Randy Watson, Magnolia, 8-foot female.
      Keith Naples (hometown unavailable), 12-foot 3-inch male.
      Charles Thacker (hometown unavailable), 8- foot 8- inch male.
      Clancy Cleveland, Prescott, 9-foot 2-inch male.
      Justin Rosenbaum, Hope, 11-foot 8-inch male.
      Chelsie Gordon, Taylor, 8-foot 8-inch male.
      Keith Bell (hometown unavailable), 7-foot 8-inch female.
      Steven Lewis, Batesville, 6-foot 2-inch female.
      Robert Lanaux, Little Rock, 7-foot-10 inch male.
      Skylar Bryant, Hot Springs, 7-foot 11.5-inch male.
      Rhonda Hampton, Bayou Meto, 7-foot 2.75-inch male.
      Joel Newman, North Little Rock, 8-foot 4-inch male.

Alligator permits are drawn randomly from several thousand applications. If drawn, there is a $35 tag fee. The number of permits and hunting locations for them are determined each year after surveys by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologists. The application period is in June.

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