Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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North Central Pennsylvania Fishing Report – September 28th, 2012

Pine, Little Pine creeks (Lycoming County)

Fishing activity increased in cooling water, and heavy rainfall in early September improved flow. Hatches included a few Blue-Winged Olives, some midges, the occasional Caddisfly, and Slate Drakes. The best fishing was nymphs down deep, because fish were on the bottom all summer.

Penns Creek (Union County)

Clear water with average flow in the 60s was reported Sept. 12. Ants and beetles were productive along the banks. Hatches included giant slate drakes, the occasional caddis, cahills and tricos, and some summer blue quills. Green Weenies (12-14), Slate Drake Dun and Nymph (12), Green Caddis Larvae (14-18), and Flying Ants were working.

Spring Creek (Centre County)

Flow was average and clear and in the 60s as of Sept. 12. Anglers were fishing the trico spinner (22-26) falls early. Terrestrials were spotty during the day.  Other hatches included midges (22-26), Tan Caddis (16-18), light Cahills (12-14), and flying ants (18-22). Green Weenies, San Juan worms and other basic nymphs were effective.

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