Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – September 14th, 2012

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County)

Largemouth bass fishing should start picking up; anglers generally use a variety of crankbaits or spinnerbaits cast along the shoreline. Shad will start moving into the lower end of the lake, making shad-colored baits the most successful.  Smallmouth bass should also be biting well. Try fishing along shallow points in three to five feet of water in the early evening, night, or early morning hours. Tube jigs are popular, as are spinnerbaits, which can be used with a slow retrieve or allowed to helicopter down. Catfish anglers should find continued success by tight-lining off the bottom with cut bait, chicken liver and nightcrawlers.

AEP ReCreation Land (Morgan and Noble counties)

Anglers can start to expect successful fishing trips for largemouth bass, sunfish and channel catfish. For an effective bass rig, try black plastic worms fished during daytime or top buzz baits fished during the night and early dusk time period. Anglers also like using power worms in dark colors, which include purple, motor oil, and black. Sunfish can be caught using the basic wax worms and bobber, but quality is limited except were anglers walk off to more excluded water areas. Catfish can be caught using stink baits and nightcrawlers.

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