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Monday, January 30th, 2023

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New Bows for 2012: What you'll want to be shooting come opening day

There was a time when if a bow eclipsed 300 feet per second, it was considered a “burner.” Today, it would be considered a paperweight. Now, 330 feet per second is the average, and guess what? They don’t buck like a mechanical bull when you shoot them.

Crossbows are booming, too, with many states opening up seasons to use them, or allowing their use for the entire bow season. Whatever your arrow slinger of choice is, there are plenty of ideas out there and plenty of bows and crossbows from which to choose.


The Eclipse XT delivers a 350-grain arrow at 330 feet per second (fps) while still keeping vibrations at bay, thanks to a S5 sound and vibration control system. It’s sexy, too, with a black tactical styling that’s nearly invisible in a dark ground blind. Even better, it comes in a complete package with Shadow-Zone scope, 4 Firebolt arrows, and more.


The Hoyt Vector spits arrows out at 330 fps due in part to the RKT Cam½ with ErgoDraw technology. The 4-pound Vector is easy to tune and shoot, with a 6¾-inch brace height.
An in-line roller guard, equipped with Hoyt’s new Inner Race Bearing, decreases friction and increases efficiency. The all-new PRO-LOCK X-Lite pocket features lower mass, stealthy silence and a new transverse limb bolt anchor, making adjustments as smooth as butter.

Wicked Ridge

The new Raider features a powerful Compact Limb System bow assembly with a detachable, lightweight, coated aluminum foot stirrup. Its 12-inch IsoTaper limbs are fitted with MR cams and D-75 string and cables for smooth handling. It shoots 330 fps with 101.5 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, weighs 7 pounds, and is equipped with a 3X Multi-Line scope. Like all Wicked Ridge models, it features a patented dry-fire inhibitor and patented 3½-pound Power Touch trigger.


The Insanity CPX and CPXL are deadly silent, nearly vibration-free, and deliver arrow speeds of 355 fps. Center Pivot Extreme Technology resists shooter-induced torque for greater forgiveness and accuracy. The OverDrive Binary cam system eliminates cam lean issues and provides exceptional tuning to produce cleaner arrow flight for greater accuracy. HardCore limbs boost efficiency for more speed without a harsh draw, and a FLX-Guard reduces cable guard torque. The CPX has an axle-to-axle length of 32 inches, while the CPXL is 35 inches.


The Hēli’M features the new advanced GeoGrid riser, Harmonic Stabilizer Lite, and lightweight Reverse Assist roller guard that results in a super-smooth draw. The bow also packs two decades’ worth of single-cam advancements into the all-new cam, which produces speeds up to 332 fps while sporting a 7-inch brace height. It weighs 3½ pounds and is smooth as it is fast.



The Vengeance is the first crossbow to combine a lightweight CarbonLite riser with reverse-draw technology. This reverse-draw configuration reduces the weight at the front of the crossbow, shifting the center of gravity closer to the shooter, which is essential for a well-balanced shot. Additionally, the CarbonLite riser removes 43 percent of the weight from the front end, which shifts the balance point to the shoulder.


Don’t let the modest price of the Riot fool you; it has many of the features of bows nearly twice the price. Draw weights of 15 to 70 pounds are great for growing archers, as is the
19- to 30-inch draw length. It’s pretty quick at 310 fps, but 7 inches of brace height keeps it sweet on the range. It weighs 4.3 pounds.


The Rogue has a new Fluid Cam system, parallel-limb design, and longer brace height, making it extremely forgiving and smooth, shot after shot. The Rogue lives up to what many archers demand out of a hunting rig – smoothness and speed all in one. It has a forgiving 7.5-inch brace height and ample speed of 315 fps.


TenPoint Carbon Elite XLT fuses TenPoint’s cutting-edge, featherweight-wrapped carbon fiber barrel with a 185-pound version of the compact XLT bow assembly. The result is its fastest and lightest XLT crossbow yet at 352 fps when matched with
its bolts.



Introduced as a “crossover crossbow,” the Fire Force is a merging of Darton’s compound Dual Sync Cam technology, and its innovative crossbow design. Larger axles, Dual Sync cams, and stronger laminated split limbs complement the package. It can reach 400 fps, using a 425-grain arrow. The bow comes equipped with limb dampeners, two string suppressors, along with a new Barrel Slide dampener that virtually eliminates all sources of vibration and noise.


At 360 fps, the Fury has all the speed a hunter needs, thanks to precision CNC cams and advanced reverse draw limbs. Custom viper strings deliver bone-crushing power, and integrated Stumper arms maximize stealth. A new spring-loaded ball detent arrow-retention system is convenient. It weighs in at 8.1 pounds and has a draw weight of 160 pounds.


The Answer debuts with a redesigned two-track cam as well as two module options – a smooth mod and a speed mod for archers looking for different options. A 33½-inch axle-to-axle is handy, as are draw lengths from 27 inches to 30 inches. A 7-inch brace height is forgiving, and the
40- to 80-pound draw weight fits all hunters. It sizzles at 330 fps IBO speeds.


The new Ergo is made to complement what your body wants to do naturally to make the shooting process easier. An ambidextrous safety is handy, and a metal Max Lite trigger is sweet, with just a 2½-pound trigger pull. The package comes with everything you need to get started, including a scope, bolts and more. It shoots at 330 fps and has a USA transferable “Hunt for a Lifetime” warranty.


The V3 is only 31 inches axle-to-axle for tight places on the stalk and weighs only 3½ pounds. It blows arrows out at 330 FPS while still offering a forgiving 7.25-inch brace height. Draw lengths are from 26 to 29 inches.


The new Fury XT Bengal is a single-cam bow with an extreme take-off angle that delivers stability, while an integrated adjustable draw stop allows for tuning to exactly the desired draw length – from 25 inches to 31 inches. Despite all of the user-friendly features, the bow still pushes arrows out at 330 fps.

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