Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Take the family to the woods – and thin out the squirrel population at the same time

Kerri ButtA few weeks ago, squirrel season opened in Illinois. As a bowhunter in the Prairie State, these cute, bushy-tailed, little critters morph into my arch-nemeses come Oct. 1. They have an annoying way of tampering with even the most in tune sense of audio as they manipulate the forest floor into continuously sounding like a sauntering whitetail approaching a shooting lane. Whiplash and the occasional case of cross-eyes can be a most heinous result.  

So, when squirrel season comes around, we’re more than happy to utilize this time for a little target practice on the treestand seat cushion chewing varmints.

Squirrel season is also a great way to break kids into the world of hunting. First, it’s not freezing cold, although I wouldn’t recommend braving mosquito-infested woods in 95- degree heat. Secondly, squirrel hunting is very low pressure.

Meaning, mom and dad aren’t synchronously attempting to introduce their very energetic and talkative children to hunting while trying to bag a bruiser buck. That rust me, can be frustrating. 

Squirrel hunting also allows for some movement. We still encourage our kids to be quiet, stopping every now and then to listen and sometimes call. But, since we are for the most part on the move and watching, the kids don’t get antsy.

So, take a day or two and spend a little time in the woods with your family squirrel hunting.

And hey, if you’re a bowhunter the bonus could be that come archery season, you may have fewer critters skittering across the forest floor driving you nuts!

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