Learning more about ourselves than deer

Jerry DavisNow that the James Kroll report on Wisconsin deer management has been filed, and the bills paid, we’re beginning to understand that much of the problem was and is – us.

In listening to the three consultants (James Kroll, David Guynn Jr. and Gary Alt) at one of the town meetings last April (Mount Horeb), I was most impressed with Alt.  He knows and understands biology.  He’s not stuck on himself.  And he’s an amenable, non-threatening person.

But he told us some things we probably didn’t want to hear and now it’s time for self-evaluation.

During an interview (reported in WON Aug. 10 issue), Alt correctly analysed one of the things that happened within the hunting community.  Alt described some deer hunting groups as making an end run to the Legislature and then the Legislature creating rules.

Alt went on to correctly describe many legislators as having no background in natural resources.

But one must go further and point out that most of these hunting groups have a spokesperson, or two, who delivers messages to legislators.  So the rules crafted by legislators usually came from a few individuals in these hunting groups.

See the connection?  If we admit that the legislators crafted the wrong rules, it is likely that the message was wrong.

Or, the way the message was delivered was wrong.

It’s time for hunters, all hunters, to deliver their individual messages to whatever body is most likely to consider changing, or confirming, how we do our deer business here in Wisconsin.  It’s time for all the hunters to tell their hunting group leaders what message to deliver, so that it is more than one person with five, 500 or 5,000 votes who is allowed to speak.

That’s more easily written and said than done, however.

During the last decade there have been a very few individuals delivering a message, their message.  Even at these Town Hall meetings, some individuals dominated the microphones, giving their messages more importance than anyone else.

If the DNR is faulted for not listening, maybe it’s because they continue to hear a message over and over, from the same individuals, who may not represent the silent majority.

Take time to fill out surveys.  Take the time to write letters.  Take the time to tell a spokesperson what your message is that he or she should deliver.

Some have accused billionaires of buying elections.  Here, in the hunting world, we should be accusing those with verbose voices of buying the management practices they want for themselves.

We should clear our own vocal cords.

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