Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Summer's last hurrahs

Paula PiattAs the summer comes to a close, I’m thinking about all the things I still want to accomplish before I have to shovel snow out of the way to do it.

There’s a lot more fishing to do, that’s for sure. The April promise to “get out at least once a week” ebbed and flowed its way through the summer. There were weeks when Steve and I were virtual trout bums; and then there were weeks when I forgot what it was like to hold a rod in my hand. Life has a way of happening – tomatoes and beans and cucumbers are piling up on the counter screaming, “I’m going to rot before you can me!” and who can resist a screaming cucumber?

As of yet, we haven’t been out in the Radisson at all this year. That was the plan this past weekend, but late-day showers and a bad Lake Champlain forecast scuttled our plans. There’s still September, I suppose, but even those days are filling up fast. (To be fair, some of the September days are filled with a trip to Montana, where we’ll wet a line daily, so I can’t complain there.)

I would like to get out squirrel hunting this this September. It’s been years since we’ve chased bushytails, but we have to get that move on before bow season starts, because that just puts another ball in the air. Steve actually gave up bowhunting to hunt pheasants with Ben, but I’m sure I don’t have a chance with squirrels.

And that’s another thing… pheasants. We may be hunting with both hands behind our backs this year, with Maddie a spry, but not rambunctious 12.5-year-old. She can, maybe, go for an hour every two days, and Hailey’s just not that interested. I’m sure that’s our fault, so here we are without a pheasant dog for the first time in many years.

October brings the fallr turkey season, which I am really looking forward to. I got one bird in the spring, but that whole “life” thing got in the way of getting out more. Looking at that calendar, I’ve got just under two weeks to make that happen. Steve and I will have to jockey for position in the woods if he’s going to hunt deer from the treestand with me somewhere below waiting for the turkeys.

But here I am already thinking about October. I’ve got to get something done in August. Tonight, it’s a brook trout stream. That’s a start. Work might be a bit busy the rest of the week, but if I get my priorities in order, I should be okay.

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