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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – August 10th, 2012

Region I

While on foot patrol in Lowden State Park, a District 1 CPO observed individuals at a campsite possessing alcohol in a restricted area. After watching the subjects at the site for a few minutes, the CPO observed one of the campers doing a dance holding what appeared to be a bottle of alcohol. As the subject was dancing, the other campers instructed him to bring the vodka back to the table. The CPO entered the campsite and instructed the four subjects to place their hands on the table. The CPO observed a grinding device full of cannabis and a glass cannabis pipe in front of one of the subjects. The subject was arrested for possession of cannabis and paraphernalia, and all subjects received citations for possession of alcohol in a restricted area.
District 1 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County. During the patrol, numerous boats were inspected and 18 violations were addressed with citations and written warnings.
Two District 6 CPOs, a region captain, local police, fire, and water rescue units responded to a boat accident on a private pond. The local police department received a 911 call of a boat accident with a subject missing. One of the officers launched his sonar equipped boat to assist in the search. An hour into the search, the body of the missing man was located. The officers learned two men were fishing from a boat when it capsized. The men tried to swim to shore where one was able to make it safely. The other man disappeared under the water. There were no personal floatation devices on the boat.
A District 6 CPO handled two vehicle accidents, both property damage-only. One involved a motorcycle at Starved Rock. The operator was unable to negotiate a curve, causing him to lose control. The other involved a hit and run at Illini State Park boat ramp. An individual returned to the ramp after a day on the river to find her vehicle had been struck on the driver’s side.
A District 6 CPO responded to a boat accident at LaSalle Lake. The boat, with five individuals fishing while the boat was drifting, did not notice until it was too late that they had drifted dangerously close to a rock-covered dike. They were unable to get the motor started before they struck the dike. All aboard were able to get to shore without incident and were able to save most of the items they had on board. When the officer arrived, he saw all the items from the boat on shore and quickly determined that the boat was overloaded. The boat was recovered by a local tow service. One citation was issued for an overloaded watercraft and three written warning issued for equipment violations.
Two District 1 CPOs worked an OUI detail at the Lowden State Park boat launch near Oregon on the Rock River. The first boat safety check revealed a mother holding an infant without a PFD on the infant as required by law. The occupants of the boat tried to justify this action because the infant was being nursed. The CPO advised the occupants the proper way to handle this situation was to pull onto a sand bar or dock while the PFD was off the infant. No adults onboard were wearing a PFD. The CPO brought to their attention in the event of an accident it would be almost impossible to save the infant’s life while trying to keep their own heads above water. The child care provider should also have on a PFD so they are in a position to render aid to the child in the event of an accident. A citation was issued to the boat operator for this violation. Over 20 boat safety checks were completed at the ramp and from a patrol boat. This detail resulted in two citations and 17 written warnings being issued. Two subjects were put through field sobriety testing but no OUI arrests were made.
A District 1 CPO patrolled area state parks. After observing individuals fishing the Apple River within the boundaries of Apple River Canyon State Park, fishing compliance checks were conducted. Four Chicago area subjects were issued citations after they were found to be sport fishing without valid sport fishing licenses. One subject stated he couldn’t even catch fish because he wasn’t using bait. He was informed that lures, in this case a small spinnerbait, do in fact catch fish and that a fishing license is required.
A District 6 CPO located a fisherman on the Fox River in possession of a 32-inch muskie. The fisherman did not know what type of fish he caught, but because it was so long he thought it would be legal. A citation was issued.
A District 6 CPO was patrolling Illini State Park when he observed two individuals in possession of alcohol. The officer requested identification from both individuals. One individual stated he did not have identification on him, so the officer asked for his name and date of birth. There was no record of the individual using the information he gave the officer. But a similar person was wanted on a warrant out of Cook County for a parole violation. The physical description matched the individual. When asked, the individual stated it was his twin brother. Through further questioning and research the officer determined the individual was lying about his identity. On the way to the jail the individual admitted he was the person wanted on the warrant. He was charge for obstruction of a peace officer.
Two District 6 officers were on boat patrol on the Illinois River when they observed a jet ski spraying two individuals on an inner tube. The operator went towards the inner tube at a high rate of speed, then when he was approximately 10 feet away from the inner tube he would turn away. The officers observed the operator do this same action two times. During questioning, the operator stated he had been boating for 15 years and “knew what he was doing.” He was issued citations for Careless Operation of a Watercraft and No Wake Zone violation.

Region II

A CPO arrested a subject at Des Plaines Lake for public indecency, obstructing identification, and operating an unnumbered watercraft. The CPO observed the subject land his kayak on shore, then take his shorts off. The subject was walking around completely naked while taking pictures. When the CPO confronted the subject, he gave the CPO a false name and date of birth.
A CPO found a subject in possession of an eight-inch largemouth bass on Chain O’ Lakes. The fish was set aside in a bucket away from a stringer of drum. The fisherman said he got a ticket for the same violation “the last three years in a row.”
A CPO found a fisherman with two 8-inch largemouth bass on Nippersink Lake. The juvenile knew the fish were too short. His father was issued one citation and one written warning.
CPOs responded to a drowning at Illinois Beach State Park in which a 20-year-old male drowned after attempting to retrieve a raft on Lake Michigan. The subject could not reach the raft, turned back to shore, but could not make it. He was pulled from the water by people on the beach. Beach Park Fire and Rescue were on scene but were not able to revive him.
CPOs, along with Lake County Sheriff's deputies, searched for a missing 3-year-old child at Illinois Beach State Park. A park employee located the child on the other side of the beachfront approximately 20 minutes after he went missing.
A CPO arrested a subject at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for DUI and driving while revoked. The subject blew a 0.182 on the RBTIV and was also wanted on a $5,000 outstanding Boone County warrant for failure to appear for driving while revoked.
CPOs arrested a subject on Grass Lake, Chain O’ Lakes, for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. The subject blew a 0.144 on the RBTIV. A passenger on the boat was subsequently arrested for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.
CPOs cited two fishermen on Petite Lake for failure to immediately release an eight-inch largemouth bass and an 11-inch walleye.

Region III

A CPO cited a Mattoon woman for Unlawful Entry into a Restricted Area. She climbed over barricades onto a closed dock at Wolf Creek State Park.
CPOs were on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville and arrested a Shelbyville man for Unlawful Possession of Less than 2.5 Grams of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia.
A CPO arrested a Toledo man in Wolf Creek State Park on charges of speeding, no trailer lights and DUI-Drugs. The passenger from Mattoon was also arrested for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The driver refused chemical testing. The men were incarcerated in the Shelby County Jail awaiting bond.
On a traffic stop near Lake Shelbyville, a CPO arrested a Decatur man, who was a passenger in the car, on charges of possession of cannabis.
A district sergeant arrested an 18-year-old Marshall man in Lincoln Trail State Park during a traffic stop for speeding. The man was found to be in possession of a bottle of hard liquor and was charged with possession of liquor by a minor.
A district sergeant cited a Champaign man in Walnut Point State Park for driving a motorcycle in violation of classification. The man was driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the park with no operating taillight. The female passenger, who was the actual owner of the motorcycle, also did not possess the correct driver’s license classification to operate a motorcycle. The motorcycle was trailered from the scene.   
A CPO assisted Dewitt County with a vehicle accident that occurred at Clinton Lake. The vehicle lost control just as it was entering a bridge that crosses Clinton Lake. The vehicle jumped the guard rail and shot out into the lake and became submerged. The female driver was able to exit the vehicle as it sank, through the sunroof of the vehicle. A nearby fisherman boated over to the vehicle and assisted the woman to shore.
A CPO cited an Elgin man fishing in Lake Shelbyville in the Shelbyville Fish and Wildlife Area for unlawful taking and possession of three undersized largemouth bass. Lake Shelbyville has a posted 14-inch minimum length limit for largemouth bass. The man kept bass as small as 10 inches in length. The under legal sized bass were released back to the lake.

Region IV

A CPO observed a vehicle driving on the shoulder of the road. After stopping the vehicle, the driver appeared to be under the influence. The driver failed the field sobriety test, but passed the portable breath test. The driver was taken to the hospital for a blood and urine sample. The subject admitted to taking Xanex and Methadone.
A CPO stopped a vehicle for illegal lane usage. The driver appeared to be under the influence. The driver failed a field sobriety test. The driver stated he was on multiple prescription drugs for various medical conditions. The driver was taken to the hospital for a blood and urine sample.

Region V

District CPOs completed two administrative investigations. Individuals were cited for unlawful taking of a deer in a county closed during the antlerless-only deer season and unlawful take of deer without a permit. Another violation discovered was unlawful use of another's permit.
A district sergeant and CPOs worked a boat patrol on Forbes Lake. A boat safety inspection was conducted on a pontoon boat operated by a man and his fiancé. Field sobriety tests were conducted on the male operator. The subject had been drinking but was not over the limit. The next day, CPOs were back on Forbes Lake and checked the same pontoon boat. This time the female was operating the boat and was arrested for OUI with a BAC of 0.11 percent.
A CPO concluded an administrative investigation that resulted in three arrests in Missouri for hunters claiming residency in Illinois.
A CPO arrested a Union County man for unlawfully digging ginseng from a state site. He was arrested and later bonded in Union County.
A CPO is investigating a Seadoo PWC accident where it struck a submerged object, causing damage to the vessel.
A district sergeant used sonar to search for stolen guns in the Mississippi River. The guns were not found and the suspect later stated he lied about where he actually threw them.
A CPO investigated a Saline County man for making false application for free landowner deer permits. The man is the son of the landowner and had moved out of his father’s residence to another home his father owns. The subject was issued a written warning for the violation.
A CPO is investigating a subject in Williamson County for obtaining a free landowners permit on his father’s property in Jackson County.
A CPO conducted two boat registration and title investigations in Williamson County.
A CPO responded to a complaint of a subject guiding fishermen on Crab Orchard U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge. The complaint was unfounded.
A CPO completed a property damage-only boat accident report. The accident occurred on Kinkaid Lake when the boat operator, who was not familiar with the lake, operated his 20-foot Seadoo jet boat into a stump field. The boat struck one, or more, stumps. A large hole was punched into the bottom of the hull and a piece of wood was forced into the impeller of the port engine. None of the seven passengers were hurt. The low water conditions on the lake were noted as a contributing factor in this accident.

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