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Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – August 3rd, 2012


•Butler County WCO Chip L. Brunst reported two weeks ago a young male black bear was electrocuted. A week later, an adult female bear killed one of her young accidentally. It seems when the sow climbed up onto a large dumpster, her weight caused it to tip over, crushing one of her five youngsters.       
•Crawford County WCO Mark A. Allegro  prosecuted an individual for unlawful hunting and taking of wildlife from information gathered on a social media site. Comments the individual posted along with photos of the unlawful game were retrieved from the site and used in the investigation.
•Erie County WCO Darin L. Clark is investigating several reports of wildlife being taken out of season.  Two deer were taken outside Union City at the beginning of June.  Earlier this month a pheasant was killed south of Corry and someone was shooting doves in Fairview.  Anyone with information pertaining to these violations is  asked to contact the Northwest Region Office.
•Mercer County WCO Lawrence R. Hergenroeder reported June patrols resulted in several citations for individuals operating off-road vehicles on Hunter Access properties, where it is clearly marked that it is prohibited.


•Allegheny County WCO Dan Puhala said an injured Canada goose was recently rescued. “A concerned hiker reported that an adult goose had a large fish hook stuck through its foot and several feet of line tangled on its leg,” he said. The goose was netted, the hook and line were successfully removed and the goose was reunited with its mate and young.
•Armstrong County WCO Gary Toward reported that thanks to the cooperation of a witness, two men have had charges filed against them for unlawfully taking a deer during the regular firearms deer season.  Citations for a first-degree summary and related lesser charges were filed at the local District Justice’s office in Leechburg.  “It would not have been possible to complete the investigation and file the charges without the cooperation of the witness,” he said.
•Armstrong County WCO Gary Toward reported two eaglets fledged from a nest along the Allegheny River in Washington Township.  “The young birds fledged the last week of June, have been seen along the river, and are doing well so far,” he said.
•Beaver County WCO Matt Kramer reported an investigation is ongoing of illegal dumping on State Game Land 285 in South Beaver Township. More than 30 tires were dumped in a large parking area. Several household items also were dumped. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Southwest Regional Office at 724-238-9523.
•Beaver County WCO Matt Kramer reported illegal ATV use on State Game Land 189 in Independence Township has increased in the summer. Patrols have been increased in an attempt to apprehend the violators.
•Fayette County WCO Brandon Bonin reported unlawful ATV riding has increased on all game lands in his district over the past few weeks. “On SGL 138, two riders were charged with riding ATVs on the game lands, possession of alcohol on game lands and failure to stop on the signal of an officer,” he said. Both individuals pleaded guilty. On SGL 51, another individual was charged for operating an ATV on the game lands.
•Fayette County WCO Brandon Bonin reported charges have been filed on an individual who confessed to harvesting a buck illegally in November, and placing his son’s tag on the deer.
•In Fayette and Westmoreland counties WCO Jason Farabaugh recently charged an individual for removing the front paws from a road-killed bear. “It is unlawful to take and possess any parts from road-killed deer or bear without the appropriate permits,” he said.
•In Fayette and Westmoreland counties, WCO Jason Farabaugh reported an individual was recently charged for littering in Bullskin Township, Fayette County. “The investigation involved the execution of a search warrant to obtain identification from discarded bank receipts,” he said. 
•Washington County WCO Dan Sitler reported a case that originated in March has finalized. “The case stemmed from information regarding the killing of multiple deer. “The butchered remains of the deer were found in a field,” he said. A lengthy investigation ensued, and two juveniles were charged with multiple counts of illegally taking deer and taking deer above the limit. In total, $4,100 in fines was levied against the two juveniles. Both face hunting licenses revocations. The first juvenile is looking at a 10-year revocation, the second, four years.
•Westmoreland County WCO Matt Lucas reported increased patrols have been conducted on State Game Land 296 in response to vandalism in recent weeks. Several individuals have been stopped, and charges are pending for operating motorized vehicles in closed areas.


•Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer A. Krebs encountered an individual using marijuana in an SGL 298 parking area. A search warrant was executed on the subject’s vehicle and marijuana and drug paraphernalia were recovered. Charges are pending.
•Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee said on a Sunday during turkey spring season DWCO George Willcox was scouting for gobblers with his son and a friend when they noticed a gobbler in a distant field.  “As they watched the bird walk through the field they also noticed a hunter dressed in camo moving toward the bird,” he said. “Just as the bird came into range,  the hunter shot it. The hunter quickly hid in the fencerow, trying not to be seen.  Willcox eventually found the hunter as he was coming out of the field with the untagged tom. The hunter used the excuse that he was from New York, where there is Sunday hunting. He also said that he has been hunting in Pennsylvania for five years and never knew you could not hunt on Sunday. Wilcox asked, “If that is true, then how many times before you have hunted on Sunday?” The hunter sheepishly offered, ‘This was the first.’”
•Clinton County WCO Ken Packard reported, “One tip on a bear baiting incident, followed by an observant deputy reporting a check-station bear kill resulted in a bear more than 400 pounds being confiscated and more than $4,300 in fines, fees and restitution being levied against the violator.” 
•Clearfield County WCO David L. Stewart was traveling from one bear trap to the next, when he noticed a man leaning against the post on his back porch. He had the telltale stance of someone shooting a firearm and managed to shoot the air rifle he was aiming twice before he came to a stop in his driveway. His third shot was taken just as the officer rounded the corner of the house and identified himself.  “Unfortunately he had just finished killing a pileated woodpecker, which are protected by state and federal law.”  
•Union County WCO Dirk B. Remensnyder said an individual was cited for dumping three deer carcasses with the tags still attached on lands open to hunting. The investigation is continuing.”
•Potter County WCO Bill Ragosta cited two individuals for attempting to kill a wild turkey from a car. Their excuse: overconsumption of alcohol.


•Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour reported several rabies cases have been detected in western Bedford County. A farmer’s cow also became infected after it was found to have come in contact with a positive [for rabies] skunk.
•Franklin County WCO Justin Klugh has learned that a second eagle nest has been documented in the county.  “The new nest fledged three eaglets, while the other nest fledged two.”
•Fulton County WCO Kevin Mountz said  two subjects were cited for underage consumption and possession of alcohol on SGL 53, The Meadow Grounds, last month. One additional subject was cited for operating an ATV at the same location.
•In Snyder and eastern Juniata counties, WCO Harold Malehorn trapped and removed a bear from Paxtonville. It was injured badly and had to be euthanized.


•Wayne County WCO James P. McCarthy reported over the weekend of July 7 a person or persons shot and killed a four-point buck at the Decker Range on SGL 183 in Hawley. The deer was killed on the left bank of the 100-yard range. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Northeast Regional Office at 570-675-1143.
•Columbia County WCO John A. Morack reminds all users of PGC-owned ranges to read and adhere to all posted regulations. Increased law enforcement patrols are planned this summer and fall at the range located on SGL 58 in Mifflin Township.


•Lebanon County WCO Michael Reeder has filed several citations for individuals possessing and using drugs on state game lands. “This continues to be an increasing problem,” he said. “State game lands and their parking areas seem to be a haven for these people to perform this illegal activity.”
•Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reported an injured immature peregrine falcon was found in the city of Bethlehem and then transported to a wildlife facility with intentions to rehabilitate it for release in the same area it was found. “Adult peregrines have been seen in the vicinity and local birders are trying to locate their nest,” he said. “This would be a second documented peregrine nest in Northampton County, in addition to the active site at the Martins Creek power plant.”
•Schuylkill County WCO Kevin Clouser reported a citation was issued to someone picking up juvenile ducks and trying to keep them as pets.

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