People, not guns, are evil

Bill ParkerThe tragic, senseless massacre at a Colorado movie theater is yet another call for more gun control – at least that’s what a lot of gun-grabbing simpletons would have you believe.

“Americans own too many guns.” “Why do hunters need guns that shoot multiple bullets?” “If we get rid of all the guns there won’t be any more of these shooting.”

This is just some of the nonsense our mainstream news media has turned into talking points or even full-fledged ”news” stories.

Sadly, we can legislate the ownership of firearms, but we can’t legislate the mind process of lunatics who want to inflict harm and pain, even death, on others. There is good and there is evil in our world and you can not legislate evil.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of gun laws on the books and not one of them – let me say that again – not one of them stopped the moron in Colorado from fulfilling his wish to kill innocent people.

News flash: Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Some murders choose to use guns, some use knives or swords and some use bombs. In fact, if ALL guns were outlawed and removed from the country and no criminal nor law abiding citizens had access to a gun, the scene at the Colorado movie house may have been even worse. The idiot that shot all those people also had the knowledge to make bombs and he booby-trapped his apartment. Who knows, if he didn’t have a gun, perhaps he would have just brought a bomb to the theater and killed even more people.

Gun ownership is not the problem here. What’s going on is more of a moral, ethical societal issue.

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, you could walk into a hardware store and purchase a gun without any major paperwork or background checks. And guess what, there was nowhere near the multitude of psychos using  guns to attack law abiding citizens.

What has changed?

We’ve adopted hundreds if not thousands of “gun control” laws to stop bad people from killing good people and it hasn’t accomplished squat. That’s because the bad guys don’t abide by the laws – only the good, law abiding people pay attention to the laws. How many gun laws did the idiot in Colorado break?

What has changed is that many people don’t have any respect for God-given life! If those people want to kill someone they will find a way to accomplish their goal, with or without guns. Remember the Oklahoma City bomber?

Guns are not evil, people are evil.

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