Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Richfield woman takes to the range

Dan DurbinIt wasn’t the new laptop computer she had wanted, but Dawn Weyer did get something from her husband, Ron, for Christmas that could be loaded, just not with software. It was a Browning 22 LR – perfect for … target shooting?


“I opened it up and was shocked,” she said. “It was about the last thing I expected to find.”

Ron knew that his wife liked to keep busy, and had just had to put down her horse, Gavin, so he hoped he could inspire her to pick up a new hobby to fill the void.

“I started to shoot here and there,” she said. “A couple of my guy friends took me to shoot at the range and even got me shooting some other guns- like an AK-47 rifle. I loved it.”

Weyer, of Richfield, has now shot 12 different types of guns since February and is enjoying not just pulling the trigger, but also learning the history behind guns and how they operate.

“I just find it fascinating,” she said. “When I get back from shooting I just can’t wait to tell Ron and my sons Evan (10) and Reed (9) about what I shot that day and to show them the targets I shot at.”

Weyer, 42, said she is joining Daniel Boone in Washington County to continue in her shooting, and feels like a kid in a candy store right now. Of course, in her “candy store,” it’s not Snickers and Twizzlers, but bullets, targets and guns.

“I’m hoping that the entire family gets involved,” she said. “I enjoy it so much and I think they do, too. We go to an indoor range and shoot together. I don’t think Ron ever thought I would get this into it.”

Weyer participated in her first competition in May with 28 other shooters, all of them men.

Dawn Weyer, of Richfield, enjoys some time at a shooting range. Photo by Dan Durbin

“It was a vintage military rifle match where we relayed 10 rounds in five minutes at 100 yards,” she said.

Weyer joked that she was proud that she didn’t finish last and even got a bull’s-eye.

“I had men come up and tell me that they wished more women would enter the sport,” she said. “It’s really been great. No whispering about a woman shooting. People have been very welcoming. It is a bit intimidating, but I just tell people I’m new to the sport and they are helpful.”

I’ve interviewed a lot of people who are into shooting, but what impressed me about Weyer was that she is doing this on her own, and isn’t satisfied with just pulling the trigger. She wants to learn history, mechanics, and everything that makes a gun go “boom.”

“I just did the Appleseed program,” she said. “It’s an all-day program where you learn about not just shooting, but the Revolutionary War and the heritage of shooting. “

I’ve seen the Appleseed program in action; it’s hardcore, and while there are plenty of instructors to help out, it’s not easy. In fact, they even teach a person how to shoot out to 500 yards.

“Ron even came and watched me at the event for a while,” she said. “He supports me 100 percent despite me telling him that I was going to be having a lot more guy friends.”

Shooting has opened up a whole new world to Weyer, a woman who never even thought she would own a gun.

“I’m not just a member of the NRA now, but I also have completed their basic course in shooting and earned a certificate,” she said. “I plan to take the concealed carry course and even hunter safety in case my kids end up wanting to try hunting.”

Weyer is so into her new passion, it wouldn’t surprise me to find her as an instructor some day. After all, her passion is there, because there is no one forcing her to do this. She is in the game for the love of it, not because a demanding spouse is pushing for it.

“I recommend women to get involved even if no one in the family has an interest,” she said. “You can rent a gun and try it out. They won’t know if they like it unless they try it. Just get out there and have some fun with it.”
Amen, Dawn.

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