Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Fishing for Gold

During our traditional Fourth of July camping trip, fishing for panfish with the kids is predictable.  This year was different; we ended up fishing for gold.  My husband, Mike, and our two children traveled to Devils Lake to do some camping, swimming and fishing like many Wisconsinites do that week.  We met up with two other couples and between all of us we had seven children under the age of 6.  Sure we had fun, but it wasn't all that relaxing until the kids were fast asleep and the adults got to enjoy the fire.

One day, we spent eight hours on the beach swimming, and picnicking under a shade tree to get out of the stifling hot sun.  Mike decided to cool off and play catch with our friend, Zach, in the shallow part of the lake.

Suddenly, I noticed four adults circling around Mike.  The look on his face was less than comforting.  "Kristen, Mike needs your help – his wedding ring slipped off into the lake," said Zach.  We even had strangers helping us search; Devil's Lake had swallowed his ring and wasn't going to give it back. After a few hours of searching we lost hope and headed home.

I tried a cry for help on Facebook; surely one of my friends had and underwater metal detector we could borrow.  No luck.  Just silly comments from people, such as, "Sure Kristen, I have two!" 

Nearly a week later, my husband found someone with a metal detector willing to drive out to Devils Lake and search.  They first had to get permission at the front office with the ranger to use the metal detector in the park. After he completed a lost items form, he was instructed to turn in any other items that were found. You can't just go into a state park and start searching for lost treasures.

I never thought it would happen, but they found it within 30 minutes. It was actually my birthday; what a great present!

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