Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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It's Time For Plastics

Cory YarmuthThere are all different styles of fishing, and one of my favorites is fishing with plastics.  Plastics offer an opportunity to fish cover that you might not be able to with any other baits.  They also allow you to fish much slower and work an area with much more precision.  These combined will mean more fish in the boat.

Plastics can come in a number of different combinations.   They range from your crawfish imitations, worm imitators, and then you have your creature style baits.  Now don’t forget your topwater frogs and then your minnow or goby imitators.  All of these different baits have their time and place when hitting the water.

This is where the bit of complexity comes in when fishing plastics.  How do I rig them? How do I fish them? Where do I fish them? All of these are great questions, but without the answers you could be in the dark about fishing these baits and missing out on some great fish catching opportunities.

Words like texas rigged, wacky rigged or Carolina rigged are tossed around when talking of rigging these plastic wonders. These are all styles of rigging a plastic bait to present it in the most effective manner.  They all have their own purpose and offer the fisherman a large variety when presenting plastics in search of bass.

Read my next column in the July 27 issue of Illinois Outdoor News and we will talk a little about rigging and some techniques for you to improve your fishing.

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