Deer Registration Changes?

Jerry DavisDeer registration stations are what makes an outdoors writer’s job more interesting, easier, and a whole lot of fun.

There are all kinds of people there, many of whom killed deer, some who do not.  The Department of Natural Resources employees are usually there.

I could go on and on, but for many of these same reasons that I do not want to see the deer registration stations become nothing more than a gasoline station or tavern that they are outside of hunting season, hunters should not want to see them discontinued, either.

Nor should businesses, who depend on selling food, fuel, boots, bullets, gloves and things as intangible as camaraderie.  I don’t want to see these mom-and-pop businesses be added to the job loss column.  I don’t what to take away the proprietors’ opportunities to meet Wisconsin’s hunters face to face.  Or for them to meet hunters from every other state in our nation.

Look how easy is it to take age and disease samples if all hunters  make a trip to register their deer.

Someone told me that if there is one thing we can agree on, it is how many deer we register.  Bingo!  Here’s a number, and teeth marks, and deer brains, to prove what hunters and others might otherwise cast off as bad science, no science or political guesses.

Many hunters have been screaming about keeping traditions going during Wisconsin’s gun deer season.  I agree.  What better tradition is there than a trip to a station?  This is a chance to talk to a warden, a DNR biologist, even a DNR secretary, sometimes a past secretary, or a television or newspaper media person.

What an education registration stations can provide regarding Wisconsin’s rich deer hunting tradition, regardless if someone shows up with a deer.

The only negative feeling I can recall about a station was when a young reporter, probably a non-hunter, visited a station in West Salem and wrote about someone pulling in with a “deer they didn’t have to be ashamed of.”  As I recall, it was a buck (we should be ashamed of shooting anything less?).  What an insult this reporter published in the next day’s newspaper.
And what an education, too, this was about antler mania some hunters, and reporters, have.
Sometimes there is good with the bad when it comes to deer registration stations.
Whoever casts the final vote for changes that might be considered regarding Wisconsin’s deer management system, please keep the registration system tradition alive for another century.
The next generations of hunters are counting on you.

One can only imagine how many times this antique vehicle visited a deer registration station.  What memories for those who have seen this truck pull in with a  deer or two in the box.
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