Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Arkansas' Mallard Lake water continues to drop due to drought

MANILA – The water level in Mallard Lake continues to fall due to the drought in northeast Arkansas. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission fisheries personnel lowered the water level 18 inches in the spring to replace the outlet pipe on the north levee.

Water has been leaking through numerous holes in the pipe and could have resulted in failure of the pipe. Failure of the pipe could have led to Mallard Lake completely draining. During the pipe removal process, it was determined the canal gate also needed to be replaced due to old age.

The repair project is almost completed. Due to the severe drought occurring in the area, there is not enough water in the adjacent ditch to begin filling Mallard Lake. The water level in the lake is expected to decrease due to evaporation. This will likely make accessing Mallard Lake difficult. AGFC personnel will continue to monitor the situation.

When water becomes available, pumping will begin to fill the lake back to normal. For more information, contact AGFC fisheries biologist Jeremy Risley or Sam Henry at 877-972-5438.

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